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Tuesday, May 02, 2006
Random Rambles...

...It's another one of those one or two line dumps out of my brain...

Something I heard on the radio recently...

Life is a disease. It is a sexually transmitted terminal illness.

Think about it.

Best sig line I've seen... probably ever:

Heaven doesn't want me, and the Devil thinks that I will take over.

If Death (Grim Reaper) is responsible for the passing of everyone, then who takes Death on?

I've got the DH trained - if the package in the mail comes from the UK, and it feels hot and looks hot, he puts it in the fridge.

He was very proud of doing that yesterday. I was very happy he did that yesterday.

Sometimes I just dislike people. Not usually without good reason. But when someone spreads some news around about someone else, and then changes it in one location to be all about what *they* get out of the good news, instead of focusing on the good news itself, then I've got a problem with that.

Eh. Ignore me. I'm just bitching about my perception of the self-centeredness of some people.

The cluelessness of one's supervisor is often directly proportional to the amount of work you have to do, and the increase in each is also directly proportional

Note: not my boss, but someone else's I know follows this rule

The more I live on this earth, the more I wonder about how some people's relationships really survive.

I paid $73.28 for 21.687 gallons of gas yesterday. Middle grade, just to fill my 13 year old Jeep Grand Cherokee. I felt bad about that until I drove into the parking lot of A & B's school and saw a brand new Jeep Commander.

Someone else is gonna pay more for gas than I am, for a brand new big-something that they don't really need (they have one child, no off-road activities that I am aware of). That doesn't make me feel so bad about my gas bill anymore.

I'm done. Finally. Have a great day!