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Monday, May 08, 2006
Welcome to Another Week...

...well, let's start off with the weekend in review. We had a baseball game, we played a really good baseball game, we lost the baseball game.

The manager of my local Curves resigned from her job and Saturday was her last day there. I didn't get a chance to make it over there and say goodbye, but I've got her email address and she's still local and it's all good.

DH and I watched 'Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children'... ok, he watched it, and I snoozed occasionally during it. Didn't matter - he was confused by the storyline and I was too, so clearly I didn't really miss anything.

And then there was the school projects. You see, there was a school project once upon a time. I talked about a really resented mission project earlier this year in this blog. A got an A on it, and was very proud of her accomplishment and report that we worked on until the very last moment, on the very last night right before it was due. When it came home it lived on our countertop for about a month.

I got tired of looking at it, but didn't move it until DH took a pretty picture of A with her project. Unfortunately, I don't have a pretty picture to share....

...but wait! Oh yes, I *do*. You see, after the pretty picture was taken we let A decommission the Mission. Oh yes, much fun was had...

First of all, A took a running leap (also known as 'The Flight of the 4th Grader'):

Then she landed on it:

She stomped on it too, you can see that here.

I don't have to say that A was rather pleased with destroying the mission, because you can see that in the smile on her face. We were all happy to see it go. But not to be outdone, B had to get into the act (who you already saw in the background of the first picture 'The Flight of the 4th Grader'). She had a Native American project that she needed to destroy, and took great pleasure in it too. It was a little harder to break up because I helped her build it so very well.

And there you have it... have a great week!