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Monday, September 26, 2005
Why do I play with memes?

...because there's always room for one more inspired idea. And because there's always room out there in cyberspace, a new meme was conjured up, and it's called The A List. It's literally brand, spanking new and was conjured up by a couple of stitchers who were looking for something quick and different out on the landscape.

It seems fitting that the very first question posed is about memes:

Why do you answer memes? Or read other people's answers? What memes do *you* read?

Why do I answer memes.... well, it gives me something to do when I'm hurting for something to talk about in this blog. It also allows me to maybe get a spark of an idea that I can talk about that maybe I never considered before. In the early days of this blog I wrote about Satuday morning cartoons - that whole entry came from a single question that was asked in a meme that I had decided not to participate in, but the question was stuck in my head. And the ideas just started pouring out from there, and I couldn't *not* do that question.

I read other people's answers because I might learn something about them that I didn't know before. Or will gather another perspective on something that I wouldn't have even thought about in the first place - as with answering memes above. Sometimes someone else's answers to a meme are fascinating as a window into the way they think. Sometimes they're funny, sometimes they're just a straight answer. Either way, I usually learn something that I didn't know before.

What memes do I read... you really want the list? Well, there's the Friday Forum, which comes from this Yahoo Group. There's Musing on Movies. Those are my two regulars that I actually answer. I read the Stitching Bloggers question of the week, but I haven't answered them yet. They're all being stored up in one single draft post until I figure out what to do with them in terms of answering them - either once a month, or a dedicated day of the week will be for memes, or something. I just don't know what yet.

There's also a guy who has collected links for a whole bunch of memes, and he publishes it on his site as The Memes List. I cruise those occasionally for ideas of things to write about when I'm stuck for something, but more often than not they end up inspiring a random ramble idea that I scribble down somewhere, or they sit as a draft for awhile until I'm really inspired by them again.

So, there you have it - why I do memes, where I look for them, and why I read them (and other people's answers to them). I hope you enjoyed this edition of The A List, and I hope to see some of you answering it... Again, the link is *here*