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Monday, September 19, 2005
Welcome to Another Week....

...well, here’s the Friday Forum questions from last week that I was too tired and lazy to answer. Yes, I got some rest over the weekend and yes I got some stitching in too. And some cooking, and straightening up, and time at the local library, and I'm really not sure what else.

Some of these questions are ones we’ve all seen other places before...

1) If you could ask any world leader [living or deceased] a question, who would you choose? What would be your question, and why? How do you think that person would respond?

Oh, can I put them all in a room and ask them why they’re so fickle with decisions and noncommittal on the important things? Can I ask Bush (Dubya) why he’s such a goof? Can I pull former President Clinton in and ask him why he can’t keep his pants on? I think I’d stun some with the questions that I would, and probably offend the rest. Or at least have them order to have me killed.

2) Do you tend to question things often? Why/why not? Would you consider yourself an analytical person most of the time?

I question things all the time – it’s part of my nature, and it’s part of what I do for a living. I look at data and I question it in case I see something that doesn’t look quite right. Or it looks just *too* good to be true. I don’t ever see it as a bad thing to question someone on something, as long as you go about it the right way. Be direct, but don’t be accusing or attacking because when you go that route, answering just gets nasty.

As for me being an analytical person – oh yeah, I definitely am.

3) Have you ever had to interview someone for some reason, such as for a newspaper or magazine article or a class project? Who was it, and what was the subject of your piece? Did you enjoy interviewing them, or did you feel nervous about asking them questions?

I hate interviewing people. I must prefer having a conversation with them than having a Q&A. They’re probably feeling on the spot or in the crosshairs, and I’m the person that put them there. It’s not comfortable for either of us. That said, I *have* interviewed people for jobs, for yearbooks, for a psychology paper. I hated every second of it because it seemed to me that I was coming to them for a favor, that I was asking them for help for a useless or frivolous reason instead of having a conversation about things that really matter.

4) Do you mind when people ask you personal questions? Are there any topics that you just prefer NOT to discuss? Why/why not?

I honestly don’t mind personal questions to a point. I mean, you can’t ask me point blank what my sex life is like or various other specific intimate details. That’s just verboten. Politics and Religion are other topics that I tend to avoid in general conversation except with the few people that I know can handle it rationally and logically, with emotion too, but not in such as way that they blow up and try to shove their ideas down my throat without listening and giving mine due consideration.

5) Which type of test questions do you prefer ... multiple choice, short answer, fill in the blank, essay, etc.? Why? When you take tests, do you often second guess your answers or just go with your initial gut reaction?

I love tests. Tests of all kinds. I don’t tend to second guess myself because I’ve always gone into tests well prepared, so you can throw a multiple choice or an essay or some other type at me, and I'll take it without issues.

That’s about it from me, and I hope that you have a wonderful week ahead of you.