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Friday, September 02, 2005
Thoughts on Hurricane Katrina...

...Katrina was bad. Very, very bad. To the extent, at the moment, that we're not really sure *how* bad it was because many cannot get into the area to find out their personal loss. Because the water is still there in New Orleans. Because there's no power, they're still rescuing people, and the dead have yet to be counted.

Know what's worse? The lack of support people are throwing towards the victims of Katrina because of the idea that they had ample warning. Oh sure, they had a hurricane warning - as they have had many times in the past. They weren't told that New Orleans was going to be under water. They weren't told that their homes were going to be destroyed. They didn't know that Katrina was going to turn and whap them upside the head unexpectedly with more force than anyone expected. And considering that they had made it through the storm and *then* all the really nasty stuff started happening? Those poor folks had the cosmic rug pulled out from under them.

I have statements to make, but they've been made in better ways by others. Please go read them:

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And for a perspective of someone who went through the storm and is in Louisiana, but not New Orleans, please read Autumn's two latest blog entries

Have a wonderful long weekend everyone. I'll be back Tuesday, unless the Chicago/Earth, Wind & Fire concert is disappointing (not likely, but...) in which case I'll be back on Sunday to complain about it.