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Friday, September 09, 2005
It's Friday...

...It’s Friday! I apologize for the shorter answers today – lots and lots to do. Perhaps I’ll do this again up right later on.

1) Would you accept $1,000,000 to leave your country and never step foot in it again? Why/why not?

Nope. 1 million isn’t enough. If it were just for me, it might squeak by if I invested it wisely, but I’m also only 34. I’d have to live on that money for the rest of my life, assuming that that was the only monies I could bring with me. If it *weren’t*, then I’d have to depend on transferring my funds, living with an exchange rate on a depressed American dollar, and finding new work.

The US is just too familiar for me to leave it. Unless, of course, I were leaving for Fiji – then I *might* be persuaded.

2) If your friends and acquaintances were willing to bluntly and honestly tell you what they really thought of you, would you want them to? Why/why not? Do you feel that your friends and family members *already* are pretty honest with you?

Of course I would want them to do that. And many have, as I have fallen in with a pretty darn good set of people who *are* honest with me. And I’m pretty honest with them. Come on, if you can’t be honest with your friends and your family, then are you being totally honest with yourself? Are you doing yourself a favor by hanging with people who lie to you?

I didn’t think so.

3) You notice a severe, self-destructive behavior pattern in a friend who is clearly unaware of it. Would you point it out? Why/why not?

Absolutely, and I would expect the same of my friends (see above answer). But tread carefully – sometimes those in the self-destructive patterns *are* aware of it – but in denial.

4) If you could script the basic plot for the dream you will have tonight, what would the story be?

Oh sheesh… um. I’ve been given $1 million dollars and I get to play around the world trying to figure out the best place to live. *grin*

5) How often do you step back and reflect upon the way you are living and where you are headed? Do you often set goals for yourself? Why/why not?

Introspection? Oh goodness! Whyever would I do something like that? Yes, absolutely I do, with alarming regularity. It’s part of being honest with myself.