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Tuesday, September 20, 2005
A Bonus Entry...

...I never ever do this, but I'm really Tired. And Sick. And Sick and Tired.

I was going to rant on about a couple of someone's pointing me to something else where someone else just goes on about how it's all about *them*, when in all honesty, it's not. And I'm really sick of the libel - even though my name isn't specifically mentioned, enough *is* to draw it on me. Of course, it could also *not* be about me, but about someone else entirely, who just resembles me in a vaguely accurate sort of way.

It's getting so I want to either stop blogging, leave the boards, both, or start having all my posts and blogs pre-read by various individuals to see if *anyone* will see themselves or their situations in what I write.

Stasha said it so much better than I ever could because I'm so disgusted about all of this - so go read her entry for today. Click here to get to the entry. The link has been updated to a new location for those who have had issues attempting to get to Tblog (where Stasha normally publishes her blog)

Oh, and if you've no idea what this is about, consider yourself blessed, forget this entry exists, and enjoy my musings on Calvin and Hobbes below.