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Thursday, June 02, 2005
There are days...

...that you get the enchilada, and then there are days the enchilada gets you. At least that's DH's perspective. He's calling this "The Revenge of Una Mas" (and this might get a little TMI, so you're warned now)

I was sick all day yesterday. Actually it started with gas pains and much burping in the afternoon after eating the enchilada, and I sort of ignored them (and took Maalox) and had spaghetti for dinner. With peas.

And around 2am I wasn't sleeping because I was firmly planted in the bathroom. Off and on for about 3 hours. And then I was really smart because I got dressed for work, made it downstairs again and promptly ran for the bathroom. So I got back in my nice loose jammies and worked at home while trying not to fall asleep at the computer.

A co-worker ate the same thing I did, and he's got no issues. B was complaining of a bad tummy last night. I think it's a bug.

I'm in the office today, nursing yet another can of Sprite that will probably last me about 3 hours (if not more) and facing a lot of work that I need to get done. Thus, this is just a short update to let you know that I'm alive (for those who knew I was sick) and I'm coping. White rice, some vermicelli, a piece of sourdough bread, and a flour tortilla were my friends yesterday. In small amounts.

But I really miss flavor.