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Wednesday, June 01, 2005
Dear Mr. Spammer....

...welcome to another edition of Dear Mr. Spammer! Today we answer those folks who send letters with a link and some mysterious promises in them...

Dear Mr. Spammer,

I completely appreciate the offer of helping 'any family in any financial situation'. While I'm sure you're completely honorable, I suspect that you'd rather help people who are in a much better financial situation than my family. Of course you really don't state exactly what kind of assistance you'll provide to those in any financial situation, so that leaves me to wonder. Do you provide free money? Extra high interest loans? Pyramid scheme layouts?

Of course, you did state that you pride yourself on honesty, so I doubt you have a den full of Ponzi schemers, but the link that you provided me doesn't work at all. I suspect that it was just a typo, right? After all, honesty is critical to dealing with people and money as you put in your email.

You did also assure me that you don't use false promises or fancy ads, and while I appreciate that, your information was also unsolicited. Therefore, I'm a little suspect of what you have to say about being honest and the promises that you're making in your email. After all, how *did* you get my email address? And then there's that website that you mentioned that's blank, but again, that's probably a typo.

I'd hate to think of all your "specially trained representatives" sitting and waiting for someone to contact them and you've got that mistyped link. At least I hope it was mistyped.

Needless to say, it *is* giving me some cause for concern though. I don't want to try hunting you down all over salvation so that I can get some financial assistance only to find that some scammer has gotten ahold of my information and it's being spread all over creation. But that would only happen if I managed to give my information to someone other than *you*, right?

Because you're so honest.

Even if your website link is dead, and this email address is a fake, right?

~WG~ *specially trained to watch for spam*