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Tuesday, May 31, 2005
Welcome back...

Yes, the Wagon is down, that's because ezboard went crashgoboom and I can't even post to the help boards that it's down. I did find a roundabout way of submitting a request though, and it's not just the Wagon - there's hundreds of boards that are down.

So don't worry, and spread the word if people are wondering what's going on - the Wagon hasn't shut down, it's ezboard's fault.

Ezboard is back.. for the moment.

...It's the beginning of a hopefully short week. I'm sure, even with the long weekend (which I spent mostly on cold medication unfortunately) we could use another weekend right away.

I know *I* could use at least another day at home, mostly to let my poor hip and shoulder recover from working the dirt for a garden - and I really didn't work it all that much either.

Anyway, here's the Sunday Brunch:

'The murals in restaurants are on par with the food in museums.' -Peter DeVries

1) Do you enjoy eating out and why?

I really do enjoy eating out, but like most parents I only truly enjoy it when the kids aren't fighting and it isn't a fast food place. I love trying restaurants and going to old favorites nad getting a break from the kitchen. Of course in the last couple of years I've had a big break from the kitchen and am slowly easing back into it because I really do love to cook.

Eating out makes me feel grown up, if that makes any sense - it's a really big treat for me, since we didn't eat in restaurants (ever) when I was a kid.

2) Where is your favorite restaurant?

Oh man, that's like making me choose a favorite child. There is a little restaurant, if you can call it that, on the island of Qamea in Fiji that I rather liked, mostly for the chilied crab. YUM! There's also a little Chinese place that's local to me that I rather love, and a few others sprinkled out here and there.

Honestly, I don't think that I have a favorite place.

3) What are your standards for tipping?

I'm pretty normal - I shoot for 15% of the bill, but that will vary depending on how bad service may have been. I have been known to leave a two penny tip - and that was at an Old Spaghetti Factory where a waiter dropped an ice cold glass of water on my very pregnant stomach in the middle of winter and promptly disappeared. Didn't apologize, and didn't come back with towels. My dining companion at the time, a co-worker, went and found someone else and demanded we be waited on by someone else (even if it wasn't their section) and I spoke with the manager and let them know what I would be tipping and exactly *why* because they couldn't find anyone else to wait on us.

The original waiter was located and he waited on us, but our service was horrible, even though he was prompt with all the other tables around us. It was like he was ignoring us intentionally, and we'd never seen him before (or eaten there before). So, there's my tipping story.

It's all about the service (and sometimes the food, but I'll cover that later)

4) Do you have one entree, appetizer or dessert that you specifically go out to get at a restaurant from time to time?

Well, if I get a craving for kappa maki, I just go down the street to the new sushi place that's opened up. There really isn't anyplace that I go to get something specific unless you count Starbucks for a hot chocolate with caramel or Krispy Kreme for a custard filled doughnut.

5) Describe a horrific experience that you had while dining out.

Oh, must we cover *that* again? I'm going to point you to a blog I wrote a few months ago (sorry for the need to click another link) about how the restaurant gods hate me and you can read all about *all* the horrific experiences I've had eating out - except I don't cover the one above with the water spilling on me, because the ones I list here beat that hands down.

Well, that's it from me today. I hope the week passes quickly for all of you, and yes, I know I've been tagged by someone for something, and that's coming...