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Monday, May 16, 2005
It's Monday....

... and I've not seen a Sunday Brunch yet and I don't have any other important ideas to impart today other than it's been a really great weekend.

Someone with a slightly different view of things came into town and we just chilled out and relaxed before we went to the BBQ that another friend threw as an engagement party.

Yes, *that* BBQ that I mentioned a few weeks ago.

Interestingly enough, the person I called J in that blog entry acted like nothing happened. And I put on my best business face and was polite. Achingly polite. Didn't really get involved in her life, although she wanted to know all about mine, and I answered with the minimalist of details. Both my friend and I were rather intrigued by the fact that every time she came over to me she gushed about how beautiful my daughters are. Every single time. We're talking at least a dozen times here.

Ah well, it's over and we're into another week. Hopefully tomorrow I can be a little more witty and a little more forthcoming with details. Until then, have a great day!