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Tuesday, May 24, 2005
Drugs of choice...

... whoo boy, that should get some seriously interesting hits against my blog. I already got one yesterday from this phrase (and thus, it inspired me to write about my drug of choice)

After having just gone through a way shorter than I think it should be convalescence for my back, and am now working on my rotator on my right hip, I’ve come to realize something.

Drugs are highly overrated. Really.

As you probably know, I was prescribed Motrin, Robaxin and Vicodin (combined with Acetominophen). None of them really worked. Oh sure, the Motrin probably reduced the inflammation, and I could walk slightly better with the Robaxin, but the Vicodin really didn’t take the edge off of anything. Well, maybe a little bit, but not enough to suit me. As a result of this, I’ve figured out that I should not get addicted to drugs for the simple reason that it would take a truckload of the stuff to have an effect on me. That could get *very* expensive.

Then again, there’s also Flexeril – that stuff sent me for a big huge loopy trip when I was on it after my car accident, but that’s neither here nor there. I have issues with headaches even – sometimes the motrin or acetaminophen isn’t working for those either. But I have figured out my drug of choice.

Cold Carbonated Caffeine. That’s right. Just give me a Coke, and I’m a happy camper. It solves my headaches, makes me relaxed and happy, and puts that little burst of energy into things. Heck, it doesn’t even have to be Coke; it could be Pepsi, or even Sunkist Orange Soda (since that apparently has more caffeine than Pepsi and Coke). Don’t like Mountain Dew really, so I won’t go there. No offense to those who love the stuff, but I just can't wrap my mouth around the taste of it.

Of course, it doesn’t kill pain like what I had with my back, so the useful application sort of ends there, but it’s a really nice recreational drug that people really don’t look down on your for, and they won’t preach to you (much) about consuming it either, unless they’re really on a purification diet and think that everyone else around them should be too. But those folks are few and far between – and don’t forget, caffeine is an acceptable drug, but soda is just slightly worse than coffee depending on who you choose to speak with.

I’m by no means addicted, mind you. I drink a Coke maybe once or twice a week now – down from everyday which is how it used to be. And *that* is down from twice a day (or more) from a couple of years ago. (Gave it up for Lent, and that made a huge difference.) Of course, I should give a nod to hot caffeinated beverages, but that’s my green tea, and I’ll handle that amount of caffeine so that I can get the antioxidant benefits. I'm sure some of my coffee-addicted readers can understand the hot caffeine correlation - wakes you up, comforts you, and then slams you into a buzz.

So there you have it, I've decided what my drug of choice is. It’s the perfect drug – it’s legal, it’s affordable, and you can score some almost anywhere. In fact, they even sell it in my workplace, can you believe that? Oh, by no means am I poking fun at those who have serious drug issues, or those who cannot have caffeine. But it's just something to think about - I get happy on Coke....

... or maybe you *don't* want to think about that. So, what's your drug of choice?