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Thursday, May 19, 2005
The URL Alphabet Meme

... I stole this from Thermalgal's blog... who got it from a number of people

Instructions: Press each letter in the address bar of your browser and list what the auto-complete function jumps to first.

A - The ABC Primetime Schedule I was looking for 2005's, but only got 2004's
B - My Bloglines page
C - A web dictionary that I didn't know existed
D - Dracolair
E - Evite
F - Finance on Yahoo, looking at a certain stock price
G - Go Fug Yourself
H - Hallmark - because someone sent me something that was of the very best...
J - Nothing
K - Kevin and Kell - a fantastic web comic
L - The LiveJournal of another blogger
M - My Yahoo page
N - Netflix
O - Cat's blog (Or So She Says)
P - The Wagon (since all the Ezboard links start with p...
Q - Nothing
R - Nothing
S - Silkweaver
T - Thermalgal's blog (from whom I swiped this)
U - User Friendly - another wonderful web comic
V - Nothing
W - Um... this very blog.
X - Nothing
Y - A Yahoo Finance story that makes me smile and giggle evilly
Z - Nothing

Since I've set the history to keep for only 24 hours, you now know where I've been in the last 24 hours...