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Monday, November 29, 2004
The Post-Thanksgiving Report...

...I know some of you were concerned about me and my lack of spirit about the holiday, and I know this from some commiserating that occurred outside of this particular blog and it's comments.

Thank you to all who expressed concern about me. I'm ok. I'm not depressed about the holidays, suicidal, or any of that other stuff. I was just suffering, I think, from being bombarded with holiday crap that I simply wasn't ready for and probably should have.

Around 1pm on the day before Thanksgiving, I left the office and felt supremely better about the upcoming holiday. Maybe it was the days off I had yet to face. Maybe it was because I was caught up with work, had a few blogs written for the coming week or two, and everyone had seemed to finally calm down in the political arena. Couple that with me throwing out some negative energy that was trying to clamp down on me, and I seemed to be back to normal.

I was happy to settle down with my fixins for making fresh pumpkin pie. I hurried through mixing and baking, and then picking up the kids and delivering the turkey to my MIL's, then getting home to settle in for one last night before the madness truly began.

I felt a lot better the next morning, after a good night's sleep and the ability to sleep in. We headed to MIL's around noon and were the first ones there. I had already settled in with my stitching on the stocking, which I was determined to finish that day (and did) when the SIL with the stuffing showed up. As I understand it, they cooked it after arriving down here, so there were no worries about food poisoning (and I'm still here writing this, obviously). This SIL settled down with her knitting. That threw me for a loop - she says she didn't fall into it, however, as a result of the recent popularity of knitting but out of necessity because it's so cold where she's living now. Either way, it was a surprise to see her doing it. She made a couple of knitted bracelets for A & B while she was there. That too was a surprise considering she normally ignores my children.

After we made our way home, DH says SIL & I were cordial and that it was nice to see. I told him it was because two women armed with needles and thread should be civil to one another. Needles can cause damage after all. He said then all we have to do is have all the women in the world stitching.

I couldn't agree more. (He had witnesses, A & B were in the car, and I'm not going to forget he said it now that I've put it in writing here.

The siblings worked their way through 4 or 5 bottles of wine before dinner, and then we polished off another 2 or 3 during dinner. That was a little unusual. The food was good, the company good too, conversations were... strange at times, but that's hardly abnormal either. We were stuffed and happy.

I slept in the next morning, and mostly ignored the sales. I did cruise Old Navy for a couple of those $5 microfiber fleece blankets (B grabbed onto hers and hasn't let go yet) when I was on my way to Michael's to pick up the rest of the floss that I needed for the buggie that I needed to stitch for the WBRR.

The rest of the weekend pretty much went like this: sleep, watch tv, play games on the computer, eat dinner, goof off or watch more tv, repeat cycle. A nice lazy extra long weekend so that I could forget that work existed (except when I was checking my email) and shore up for the coming Christmas season. Oh, and I stitched. I finished the buggie that I mentioned earlier (one week ahead of schedule) and have moved onto working on 'Above the Clouds' (which was decided by vote).

So, that's Thanksgiving in a nutshell, and I'm not a shell or have gone nuts, so all is right with the world.