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Friday, November 12, 2004
It only makes sense....

... for a Friday Forum about weddings follows a blog entry about people trying to scam a relationship, right? The powers that create coincidences were working overtime this week.

1) What's the farthest distance you've ever traveled to attend a wedding? Whose wedding was it, and where? Did you have a good time? What was the wedding like?

Hawaii. We've done that TWICE for weddings in the family - once because the bride was from Japan, and Hawaii was the "meet in the middle" compromise, and the other time because the bride and groom lived in Hawaii.

We had a good time both times - and it's the only two times that I've been to Hawaii - but I wasn't able to see the volcanoes on the big island either time. The first time I was pregnant with A, and the second time A & B were too young, and we didn't want to deal with two kids sick from sulfurous fumes.

Both weddings were very nice, outdoors, with an island flavor to them, although one was a little more formal than the other.

2) Have you ever been a wedding attendant [bridesmaid, groomsman, usher, etc.]? For whom? When and where?

Nope, never been a wedding attendant. I had 3 bridesmaids - one is already married and didn't bother to ask (even though she's my SIL, but we don't get along, so....), another is engaged (a recent development), and the last (my maid of honor) isn't dating anyone... at least not anyone that I know of or that she's offered up information about...

3) What characteristics do you feel are essential for a strong, long-lasting marriage? [If you're already married, did someone give you some good advice before you tied the knot? What was it?]

You want the laundry list? Ok. They're not in any particular order of importance, because I rank them fairly equal with each other, save a few obvious ones.

Willingness to compromise
Respect for each other
Respect for yourself

4) What makes for a really awesome wedding reception? What are some of your favorite wedding reception activities, traditions, etc.?

I think any wedding reception can be "awesome" as long as everyone's having fun, and really enjoying themselves. If it's quiet and no one's speaking or dancing or being really somber (as if someone died) then it's just worth leaving and going to find something else to do.

5) Many celebrity marriages have failed after just a short time. Why do you think that happens? Who do you think is the most famous, interesting, or notable celebrity couple now or in the past? [Jennifer and Brad? Ben and J.Lo? Bruce and Demi?]

Celebrity marriages can fail for a lot of the same reasons standard everyday people marriges fail: a lack of commitment, infidelity, dishonesty... they just have the added pressure of being a celebrity tossed on top of that. If you stay true to yourself, and true to your partner, then I can't see why you can't work through whatever it is that would cause a breakup...

There is one thing that I've noticed with some breakups - the excuse of one not being able to stand that the other is more successful (mostly an excuse used for the celebrity men who file), which isn't as common with everyday people relationships.

Well, at least you don't hear that as an excuse...

Well, that's it for the week, and have a great weekend!