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Monday, November 08, 2004
It's the Monday Memes...

...I think I'm just going to jump in today...

1) What is your favorite vegetable and your favorite fruit?

My favorite fruit is a lot easier to answer: pomegranites! I love lots and lots of vegetables though, but if I'm really pushed to fix a favorite, then it should be spinach. Spinach is so flexible - you can eat it raw or cooked, and it's good for you either way. It's tasty too.

2) How many servings of fruits and vegetables do you eat a day?

Probably not enough, but I try to eat some vegetables (if not fruits) daily. There are some days that I clearly slip and don't eat enough, but I tend to make up for that the next day (I know, no makeups) with a mostly vegetable lunch.

3) Did your parents force you to eat vegetables when you were younger?

No, honestly, they didn't care what I ate. That was the problem. There were always vegetables around (horribly overboiled and no taste to them at all) but if I didn't eat them, no fuss was made about it.

4) What vegetable can you absolutely just not get down, no matter what you are bribed with?

Um... broccoli rabe - it's too damn bitter. Hate the stuff - I've had it twice in my life, and I avoid it whenever I can. Funny enough, I used to see it everywhere, and now it just doesn't seem to be that popular anymore. Maybe everyone realized that it's bitter and almost inedible (my opinion only).

5) What is your favorite way to eat fruit?

Straight up, washed. Although, if there's some good vanilla ice cream available, I wouldn't turn my nose up at a small serving of that with the fruit on top.

...and the Stitcher's Question of the Week...

What project has been a WIP/UFO the longest? Or what project took you the longest to complete?

That would have to be Guardian. It's been sitting as a WIP since 2001, and I've just not done much with it. Oh yeah, the dragon is mostly done, and I've been working into the greenery around him, but for some reason I just can't get fired up for long periods of time about this guy. My goal was to finish him this year, but that's clearly not going to happen. Maybe next year.

Longest to complete, so far, would be The Castle - it took me 7 months to do all of it, with very little frogging - amazingly enough, I didn't find the rocks to be all that bad.