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Thursday, October 28, 2004
In conclusion...

... there are some updates to some old blogs, and I thought I'd put a few of those concluding messages here.

Remember when I was wondering about all the 'For Dummies' books?

Well, Filmmaker John Woo has reached an agreement to make a new movie - "Espionage for Dummies" - this is not a joke. There's even a news story on Yahoo about it.

It's just further proof that timing is everything, and that I'm still slightly ahead of the trends...

You can't possibly have forgotten about the restaurant gods, right? The Restaurant Gods need appeasement. Another individual and I were IM'ing and we've figured that burning a Whopper in effigy is the right thing, but there should be some french fries and a BK paper crown on the top of the pile. And because there should always be balance and order to the world, I should wear a Happy Meal box on my head and chant something like

"Big Mac, Fillet O Fish, Quarter Pounder French Fries, Icy coke, Thick milkshake, Sundae and Apple pies"

Granted, it may look a little silly, but if it makes the Restaurant gods happy, then I'll consider doing it. I just need a sign.

No, not the kind that I wear around my neck saying I'm a fool in training. Personally, I think all this harkens back to when I was musing about my food conspiring against me.

Since I wrote my missive about hate mail I've not gotten any. It's like they all stopped that day.

Either the person(s) found a new target (I sincerely hope not), actually got a clue (hope so) or they got hit by a crosstown bus (no opinion either way on this one).

I celebrated my 5 1/2 year anniversary with the company I work for and figured I'd make to 6 years without any bumps in the road ahead.

Not so. A new director came on board the team who's challenged me a couple of times (eh, she's the new kid on the block, and she'll learn to not get in my face eventually), we were surprised with a potential new (and massive) competitor, and I was asked what I was still doing with the company considering my wide-ranging vision of the rental business.

I told them that the personal growth, and the responsibilities that I've gained (as well as the knowledge) has been keeping me perfectly happy. And while it may seem that I've been in somewhat of the same position for the last 5 1/2 years, that's simply not so. Especially when you compare it to what I did when I first walked in as an employee.

Oh, and of course there are the people who think that since they know how to rent a DVD they must know all about the business and how it runs.

So, that's all I have to say in the followup department for the moment. I'll let you know if anything else develops....

...or ask me about something in the comments field, and I'll follow up on it next week.