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Friday, November 05, 2004
It's Friday!!!!

....YAY! That means the weekend. And it's time to start baking for the holidays, and the Friday Forum recognizes that.

1. What is your ultimate favorite kind of cookie? Do you usually bake them yourself or buy them somewhere? Why are they your favorite?

Any cookie that has chocolate in it is always good by me. I tend to bake a lot of those cookies myself, but there's nothing wrong with a good bakery fresh warm cookie.

2. Tell us which type of cookies you prefer. Chewy? Crispy? No-bake? Cookie bars? Or something else?

A good soft and chewy warm cookie. Cookie bars are good too, but I prefer those to be of the oatmeal variety.

3. Do you bake cookies often, or do you prefer to buy them? Do you have any special secrets for making awesome cookies? Have you ever entered a cookie contest?

I don't bake often, but when I do I really get on a roll. The eggs and butter should be room temperature when you work for it - it really does make for a smoother cookie dough, and one that's easier to work with (in terms of stirring things in). I've never entered a cookie contest, and I don't know that I ever will.

4. What do you like to eat or drink along with your cookies? [For example, milk, tea, coffee, ice cream, etc.]

Nope. I drink nothing. I just revel in all that the sugar in a cookie is. After I eat the cookie, then I drink a couple of glasses of water because of the sugar high.

5. Will you be baking any cookies for the upcoming holiday season? Why/why not? Are there any traditional cookie recipes in your family? [Feel free to share a recipe with us if you'd like.]

Oh you bet. Lemon Love Notes, chocolate pudding cookies... my MIL and I always get together and bake, and she makes Pecan Puffs yearly, while I always try one new cookie recipe.