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Tuesday, November 30, 2004
The Monday Memes... on Tuesday

...first up, the Friday Forum....

1) Have you ever bought and/or sold items through an online auction (for example, eBay, Yahoo! Auctions, etc.)? Do you remember the first item that you ever purchased through an online auction (or at an online store)? What do you think of online shopping, and do you plan to shop online for the upcoming holiday season?

Sure. I've bought quite a few things on eBay... or should we call it evilBay. I think the very first thing I bought was a copy of Teresa Wentzler's "Fantasy Sampler". I love online shopping - it's the best thing that's ever happened to me, and I love that other folks love it too - and that's not only because I've worked for two dot-coms so far, but it does help.

2) What is your shopping style? Do you prefer to head straight for a specific store and pick up the item that you're looking for, or do you tend to browse through everything and then narrow down your choices from there? Do you enjoy shopping?

I only browse if I'm not in a hurry and can't think of what I need to buy for someone. Otherwise, I usually have in mind what I want to get, and I just wade in and get it.

3) Is there someone in your life who is particularly difficult to buy gifts for? What do you usually end up getting him/her? Why are they so hard to buy gifts for?

DH. He's the hardest guy to buy anything for - and his wish list never helps because he wants things like a Hummer and a Ferrari - and the little model ones won't do. I usually manage to find something for him, notably at the last minute. Not this year. I found *something*. Heee.

4) Do you prefer to shop at big-name department stores, small family-owned gift shops, or somewhere in-between? Do you tend to patronize local stores as opposed to store chains? Why?

I like the little local stores - sometimes they have the best treasures that you wouldn't find anywhere else.

5) When's the last time that you bought something for yourself to enjoy? What was it, and when did you buy it? Do you reward yourself with gifts every so often? Why/why not?

Last time I bought something for me, hrm. That would probably be the last time that I wandered into a bookstore, which would be sometime in early October. I don't tend to reward myself with little presents except if something exceptional happens (like a sorely needed raise) or it's my birthday.

And onto The Sunday Brunch...

Now that the Christmas season is in full swing now, I thought a meme on shopping would be appropriate! My best friend from high school and I used to refer to shopping at the mall as "malling"; hence the title. *grin*

"George Washington had a vision for this country. Was it three days of uninterrupted shopping?" -Jeff Melvoin, Northern Exposure

1) Do you enjoy shopping at the mall?

Well, I used to. It was my escape from school - just hop in the car and go to the mall. It was also good social time and dream time with friends. Sadly, we're all pretty scattered, and mall shopping doesn't seem to have that same magic.

2) What is your favorite mall food?

Oh, Mrs Field's Cookies of course. Although some good salty french fries works for me too.

3) What are your three favorite “mall” stores?

3? I have to name 3? Um... Does Mrs. Field's count as one? Let's see... just about any bookseller would do, a good game shop would be on the list... maybe a Jessica McClintock store, but I wouldn't have anywhere to wear something that would come out of that store.

4) What is your favorite mall?

By default it has to be Valley Fair (which they tried to rename Westfield ShoppingTown at Valley Fair, but I won't buy into that one) - it's my local mall and the only one that I actually walk into with any regularity.

5) Do you have one special person that you enjoy going to the mall with the most?

Not at the moment because I don't really go to the mall.

And finally... Stitcher's Question of the Week

Do you know it all or is there something out in the stitching world you still want to know how to do?

Oh heavens, there's so much to learn and to know, I couldn't possibly tell you what I still want to know how to do because I might not have heard of it yet. I do know most of what I want to know, but am always game for something new.

Of course, if we're counting knitting and crocheting as part of the stitching world, those are two things I'd love to learn.

Well, that's it from sunny California at the hour of dark o'thirty (as a good friend puts it and as this is the time that it's being published) where the microclimates rule. It was 29 degrees when I left my house, and I watched the temperature jump to 31 degrees in a one mile stretch of the expressway. It's a balmy 32 outside at the moment, with absolutely no wind whatsoever, and it's bone chilling anyway.

Sorry, I know some of you are colder out there than I, but this is the first real chill of the season and it descended rather suddenly last week (we're talking it was 50 one morning and then 35 the next).