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Wednesday, September 22, 2004
It's Showtime....

...The Wednesday matinee got a little spacey on me this week...May the meme be with you!

1. What's your favorite science fiction movie?

That would probably be 'Independence Day'... with 'Stargate' as a very close second. This one was a difficult decision - there are so many good sci-fi movies out there on the landscape. But in terms of story, aliens, heroes, cheesiness (at times) and comic relief, I have to say that 'Independence Day' really did it for me. Too bad 'Farscape' isn't a movie (at least not yet it isn't), it would win hands down.

2. Star Trek vs Star Wars: who wins?

If we're comparing movies only... then it would be the Star Wars series. The originals, not the new movies, although they're not bad. I'm not talking about the redone versions that Lucas put out in '97m either. The original originals.

Now, if we're comparing the entire Star Trek catalog to the Star Wars movies... then Star Trek wins. Mostly on the strength of Next Generation. Yes, I know you original Star Trek fans can flame me now - it's an unending debate that will go on for years upon years about which Trek is the better one. Kirk or Picard, etc etc... Honestly, let's agree to disagree.

Besides, we all know it's Han Solo light years over everyone... and then Picard. Oh boy, I'm gonna get it now.

3. Who's your favorite sci-fi actor?

You know, I really hate these favorite actor questions, because I can never answer them. Because it's like asking what's your favorite fruit when you like them all. There's Harrison Ford ('Star Wars') and Will Smith ('Independence Day', 'Men in Black', and 'I, Robot')... and Jude Law ('Artificial Intelligence')... Don't forget Tom Cruise's turn in 'Minority Report' (another excellent sci-fi film I forgot to mention up above in my favorites), although he hasn't done enough sci-fi to qualify as a favorite in the genre.

~Robots Will Rule The Earth Bonus~ Who's your favorite robot (android, cyborg, etc)?

Oh good, an easy one. That would have to be DRDs from FarScape... specifically, the one called 1812.