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Friday, November 07, 2003
Ah... more random ramblings....

Well, I turned over the dragon model last night... and B was sorry to see it go. I told her that I need to stitch the dragon's head for her, and that temporarily made it better.

I really don't have the passion to stitch another obligation piece, right now. I have a wedding sampler that I need to finish for friends who got married in August. And I don't want to work on it now, even though I've already put it up on my frame. Might have something to do with all the confetti on it. Might not. And yes, I know the one year rule for presents - that's how I explained to the groom (who is an old friend going back to our junior year in high school) why his gift would be late.

I must be doing something right in the friendship department. I had two good friends have the same stunning insight within 14 hours of each other. *smiles happily*

We have anonymous peer reviews at work every 6 months or so. So I submitted my requests for raters, and I picked people on my old team - after all, they've worked with me before and after the transition... I just got my list of who has requested ratings from me. Only one of them. Not even my ex-boss requested a rating. *thinks that this does not bode well for her review* This makes me nervous. Whyever would they not request a rating from me? ah... must be that clique thing.

Speaking of, I have a meeting with my old team to discuss some data... and the ex-boss scheduled it right at my very well known once a month, hour long Friday lunchtime. Grrrr. It's the only time I ever take an hour for lunch. I even have it blocked on my calendar. Problem is, he still can override me calendar. That's ok... I'm being moved to Lotus Notes tonight, and he won't be able to do that anymore once I put a calendar lock in place for certain time periods so that he cannot schedule a meeting during that time. *grin* I knew that there would be something good about being on Lotus.

I'm working on my usual metrics today... and Excel is being a pain recalculating every single lookup and calculation in a 6500 line spreadsheet... with formulas in 85% of the cells in that 6500 line, 200 column spreadsheet... with 15 tabs. *sigh* Time to prune data again.

I'm having a good hair day.... on one side of my head. Do they make half hats? Even a ponytail looks bad.

I only worked out once this week. And my measurement day was yesterday. *sigh* I'll go Saturday.

Well... I guess after such an incredible high yesterday, coming down from it seems just that much harder. Ah well, at least it's Friday. And I can't read email all weekend because of the migration...

... I'll just sit and enjoy the rainy weather we're supposed to have. *looks outside and sees clear blue sky* I *did* say supposed to have.