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Monday, January 07, 2008
Britney, Britney...
...I can't say Oops, She Did It Again because she hasn't. This is the first time, as far as I know, that she's been hauled off to the hospital.

In case you've been living under a rock (DH didn't know until I told him on Saturday), Britney landed herself on a 72 hour hold for evaluation under a 5150 call. 5150 isn't just the name of an old Van Halen album - it's the call for someone who is potentially a danger to themselves or others. In blotter shorthand it's basically "the crazy person call".

The reason for the call? She apparently got a little hysterical when she had to hand over her sons to K-Fed's bodyguards and then refused to hand over the second one. After a 3 hour "standoff", she finally acquiesced and ended up being brought to the hospital strapped to a stretcher. Eyes wide as saucers and grinning from ear to ear. Popular reports think that she was under the "influence of an unknown substance". The latest popular reports are saying that the mandatory drug tests she has to take are showing that she's cleaner than brand new sheets pulled out of the washing machine before they've ever seen a bed. That means the 30 day rehab worked.

I wonder if she had to pee in a cup with witnesses for that one, or if they took blood directly from her, because otherwise I want to know who she paid for the clean sample. Seriously.

Meanwhile she's lost visitation rights with the kids and K-Fed has sole legal and physical custody of those boys. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm relieved. Who ever would have thought that K-Fed would have turned out to be the better parent. Ok, that's a stretch, but it's what is turning out to be true. He doesn't take them out late at night, he's keeping them close to him now and away from the press. He's laying low and that's the way he should. Those kids are probably freaked out.

But Britney's out of the hospital after showing that she isn't a danger to herself or others, and none other than Dr. Phil was with her when she went to her car. Allegedly her family asked him to see her and they've been maintaining a dialog about Brit for the last year. Dr. Phil has said that Brit needs continuing medical and psychological help. Those famous "unnamed family sources" state that Britney has had a psychological problem for years. Some are thinking undiagnosed bi-polar disorder. If she's truly drug-free, then that's the only puzzle piece that fits without involving an Xacto knife and a hammer.

Wait, he said she needs continued medical help? The press seems to be focusing on the psych part of all this and not the medical part. Granted, psych would be considered medical, but why would Dr. Phil phrase it *that way*? Hrm?

Personally I still think that she should be in the hospital and should not have been released early, but it's all about what you want and who you are sometimes. And if she truly wasn't a danger to herself or others, they really can't hold her unless someone had the balls to stand up and have her committed, which isn't going to happen unless she does something really stupid.

Oh wait, too late. Clearly no one in the family has any balls. But then what do you do with someone who clearly has problems, a strong will and always seems to get what she wants? Do you wait for them to completely self-destruct? To be a total mockery in public with a total nervous breakdown? Do you wait until it's too late to do anything at all except throw a handful of dirt on the coffin? I hope Britney does get some help, starts to fly straight and maybe gets to see her kids again sometime in the next year before it's too late to do so...

...even if it would mean the end of the best train wreck story of 2006... and 2007... and, so far, 2008.