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Wednesday, December 19, 2007
Britney, Britney, Brit-
...oh, wait, no. Wrong Spears this time.

Whoa. Never thought I'd be saying *that* anytime soon. The other one just seemed so... good.

For those who haven't heard, Britney's sister Jaime Lynn has gotten herself in the family way. By her boyfriend. Her 19 year old live in boyfriend. What the heck is a 16 year old girl doing with a 19 year old boyfriend. No, don't answer that. We obviously know what Jaime Lynn has been doing with her boyfriend.

This girl has completely screwed up. First there was her sister who reiterated over and over again during her career that she was saving herself until marriage. Then we heard that she did indeed "do the deed" with her beloved Justin before they broke up. But at least she was still older than Jaime Lynn. Maybe kid sis decided that she didn't have to follow in Brit's footsteps because, well, look how far Brit has fallen. And she still hasn't gotten up.

So, what is Jaime Lynn to do? First of all, she's keeping the baby. I sincerely do not know how a 16 year old is going to have the maturity to raise a child, but I guess we'll find out since the Spears family is just going to stay in the spotlight for awhile now. Especially since Jaime Lynn is on one of the highest rated shows that Nickelodeon has: Zoey 101. How are they going to explain this as they head into the 4th season? Are we going to have a lot of "very special episodes" of Zoey 101 that parents are going to have to go to the Nick website to read up on and learn the discussion points for their children?

It's going to be bad enough for kids who love watching the show - they know who Jaime Lynn is, and they're going to hear this news unless the parents lock them in a box. My daughters don't watch the show (they're just not interested in it), but I'm sure as soon as they hear this news... I can just hear it now:

"That's Britney's sister, isn't it?"
"Yup. They're both stupid."

Ok, maybe my 10 and almost-12 year olds won't say that, but something rather similar. Or they'll ask me and I'll respond that both sisters are stupid, because clearly someone wasn't thinking straight 3 months ago... Well, they both weren't.

Britney, Britney, Britney... why did you set such the example of how not to be a parent to your little sister? Or Jaime, Jaime, this your way of showing Britney that you're better than her at everything...

...because I can think of a lot more things to show her up at than being a pregnant teenager.