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Wednesday, December 12, 2007
Blog Blog Blog Blog...
...The ideas are limitless, right?

Wrong. Sometimes there is no inspiration or handy post it note on which to write the inspiring ideas. That's my problem at the moment. Yet, here I am blogging about not being able to blog.

How's that for redundancy?

Oh sure, I could talk about Michael Vick getting sentenced to 23 months in prison, thus effectively ending his football career. Or I could talk about the ice storm in the Midwest, which scares me to no end if that would ever happen in California. And don't say that it won't. I'm sitting here in the office and it's 39 degrees outside. We'll be under another freeze warning tonight probably (3rd night in a row, and I think 6th night in the last 30 days). Nothing strange will surprise me about the weather anymore.

I could talk about how strange I think it is that we could have a President Huckabee in office, should things turn in that direction. Considering his track record of things he's said and done in the past, I don't think that's very smart. Besides, "I Heart Huckabees" was an awful movie and that shouldn't have to follow any president around. Oh wait, Bonzo followed Reagan around. Never mind.

Oh... this one's a classic. A mayoral candidate (we'll call him G) from my hometown was arrested for public intoxication in Palm Springs before the election results were finalized. Apparently it was a very close vote (first declared a tie, then G as winner by 50 votes, then winner by 5 votes) and they had to hand count the absentee ballots to ascertain the winner. So he holds a press conference to apologize for his behavior (never happen again, etc etc). Later that day he's in another press conference stating that he's won the election. The other candidate (let's call him O) asks for another recount, knowing that he will have to pay the costs for it should it come out that he's lost.

While O's recount is being done, G is sworn in as mayor in my hometown. There is a reason I moved away from there and never looked back, and it's insanity like this that is a partial reason. The day *after* G is sworn in, O is declared the winner. By 3 votes. Apparently a couple of votes for G were double counted by the machine. O was sworn in yesterday as mayor.

But wait! It's not over yet. G, representing himself (he is a lawyer), filed for an injunction and restraining order to keep O from being sworn in. The judge denied it, according to the news. If it's the judge that I think it was it's more like the judge laughed for about 10 minutes and then denied it. But now G is going to challenge the results in Superior Court apparently. No folks, it's not over yet. G apparently isn't very good at losing.

I think G needs to quit while he's ahead and just go back to drinking in Palm Springs. He's good at that, at least.