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Tuesday, December 04, 2007
A Size... What?
...recently Jennifer Love Hewitt (of 'Ghost Whisperer' fame) was photographed on vacation with her fiancee while she was wearing a bikini. The press had a field day.

Knowing that the camera allegedly adds 10 pounds - most of which seems to show up in Hewitt's boobs - I think the press was a little unfair. They started claiming that she was looking a little unflattering. A little... plump, maybe.

Funny, I thought she looked perfectly normal and healthy in those photos. Curvy, radiant, and like she actually eats real food and not what food eats.

So she rallied against all those paparazzi naysayers and put out a statement. I have to applaud her for the statement, but I think she's lost touch with reality a little bit. She said that a size 2 is not fat.

Um... she's a size 2? I have a hard time believing that considering some of the photos of her that are out there. But that's besides the point - she's going out there and saying that a size 2 isn't fat. She needs a clue - a size 2 will NEVER be fat. I don't care what happens with vanity sizing, because we're never going to make it into negative numbers for sizing - size 2 will never ever be fat.

I'm sitting here in a size 8 (or 4 or 6 depending on the vanity sizing that seems to be going on out there) and I don't think that I'm fat by any standards. I wonder what she would be saying if she were a size 8. Oh wait, the press would have already likened her to a whale if she were a size 8. But I'm not condemning the press here.

I'm questioning the sanity of a well endowed woman telling everyone that she is a size 2 and that a size 2 is not fat. I have an admittedly hard time looking at the beach photo and believing that she's a size 2. I mean, that would make her fiancee stick thin too, and he seems to have a little bit of meat on his bones.

It just doesn't seem right...