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Tuesday, November 20, 2007
Random Bits of Radio and Television...
...It was interesting watching ER the other night when someone was mentioning a clarinet concerto that they enjoyed. They mentioned the soloist's name and I instantly knew that they were wrong.

They forgot the second 't' in his last name and so I got to hear my DH's name on ER. And yes, we've seen that clarinetist's name misspelled and mispronounced before.

Anthony Bourdain was on the radio this morning (KFOG, he's in studio and might still be there if you tune in between 8am and 10am Pacific). Apparently he posed naked with a femur bone and a cigarette in a book with lots of other chefs and celebrities talking about their last meals. The topic turned to the fact that he's quit smoking.

He didn't give it up willingly. He realized the trouble it could cause - he couldn't smoke in the bar. He couldn't smoke in his restaurant. He couldn't smoke in his office. And the capper? He's got a baby girl now, and he couldn't smoke in his 11th floor apartment.

It was easier to quit because finding a place to smoke was more hassle than it's worth. I find that amusing.

This morning on a different station (I like to channel hop during commutes) there was a news item about a woman who is suing her husband for the money he won in the lottery. She became suspicious when he turned off the television and wouldn't let her watch it, and then he unplugged the phone.

Then she got the postcard in the mail that said "Congratulations on your new home purchase!". She Googled him and found out that he'd been part of a jackpot with coworkers who ended up splitting 10 million dollars.

So she's suing him. I don't blame her because he was clearly trying to hide the money from her. Who buys a new house and doesn't tell their spouse? Oh, it was a special surprise, right?

So we'll cut the guy a break and not assume that he was going to hide the money forever. He'll make it up to her, right? Well, he's disappeared and no one can find him.

Yeah, that sure sounds like someone who was going to surprise his wife with a new house.

Some of you may get a syndicated nighttime radio show with a lady named Delilah at the helm. I usually tune in to the "love songs and dedications" while in the shower at night. So I'm shampooing my hair and some lady comes on who wants to dedicate a song to her "twoo wuv".

Twoo wuv? Delilah jumps on that instantly - has the woman seen 'The Princess Bride'? How about they recite the lines together. And Delilah, so proud because she loves this movie, says:

"Wuv. Twoo wuv is wat bwings us together today." That's when shampoo almost ran into my mouth from it hanging open.

Excuse me? ANYONE who claims that 'The Princess Bride' is a beloved movie to them knows that that is not the right line. And I *especially* know that because my bridesmaids recited the lines at our wedding:

"Mawwiage. Mawwiage is wat bwings us together today." I should write a letter and complain.

Well, that's it for today. And this week. Have a great Thanksgiving if you're in the US, and a great week for the rest of you.