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Monday, December 03, 2007
...I had visitors over the weekend. I was planning on meeting up with Stasha and her DH on Sunday night to have dinner with them, but it turned out since they were so close on Saturday, we met up then.

Our DH's have met before, so it was a good and comfortable meeting of friends. On Saturday night we went out for a short walk, good sushi and great conversation. All three were had within a 1/4 mile of my house, since our favorite sushi place is just down the street.

More conversation after dinner on the walk home and at home, and we met up again on Sunday afternoon. (Sunday morning was taken up with church and the installation of our new pastor, which was fine because that gave them time to do the Winchester Mystery House double tour.) When Stasha and DH showed up we introduced them to the world of Killer Bunnies. The kids were more than happy to join in as we played, being master bunny killers themselves, and we happily joked around as the game progressed. B ended up winning and we toyed around with the idea of another round, until DH pulled out 'Kill Doctor Lucky'. It's like Clue for those who aren't familiar with it, except the object is to kill the doctor and not solve the murder.

That was fun going around and around with the spite tokens at the end just trading hands until A finally decided to not use all of hers up in trying to foil Stasha from winning. Which was good because we had decided on a relatively early dinner so that our guests could get to their next destination (about a 2 1/2 hour drive away).

Good Italian food at a favorite place of ours, more good conversation and an excellent dessert or two before we parted ways. I wish we could have done a little more, but with the kids in tow and schedules being what they were, I think we did pretty good for a nice low-key gathering of friends. All in all, a good time was had by all. DH, the kids and I were going to walk around downtown to see what was going on with the festival of lights, but B needed to use the bathroom rather desperately and so we decided to go home (instead of back into the restaurant). Probably wise since it was cold and starting to get late.

Now I'm thinking that I've got to make it back out to Utah again for some good Brazilian BBQ, and perhaps take that double tour of the Mystery House myself.