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Monday, May 14, 2007
The Aftermath...
...Of Mother's Day.

Let's see - the card picture I posted yesterday? That actually was the photo of the towel that I received from a lovely BBer, overlaid by DH with the 'Happy Mother's Day' sentiment.

We went over to MIL's for brunch shortly after that post was posted, and it was a lovely time. The kids got in the pool, it was just us, the ILs, and DH's sister and her family. They left about mid-afternoon because her MIL was coming over for Mother's Day.

I was just about to say that we should pack up too when MIL started talking about dinner. The 6 ears of corn and the marinating tri tip and the strawberries and angel food cake. That's when I excused myself to use the bathroom and went in hunt of DH who was inside the house.

Apparently the original idea was that we'd all have dinner at MIL's, but the sister couldn't make it so it got changed to brunch. DH had talked with MIL about dinner, but only with SIL about brunch. So, we got stuck there for the entire day. Not a bad thing, mind you, because MIL would have been lonely, but it would have been nice to spend more time in my own house for Mother's Day.

Oh yes, I even called the individual who refers to herself as my mother. Out of a 15 minute phone call, I spent about 3 minutes on the phone with her. I consider that a great accomplishment. She got to talk to the kids and DH and that probably made her happy (talking to the kids that is - I still think she doesn't like DH).

Even so, it still was a nice day. Good weather, good company. Bad cramping (TToM) but what can you do?

...and yes, I have an unedited image of the towel and am planning on saving that for special occasions here in the blog...