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Tuesday, May 08, 2007
Oh, How Proud Her Parents Must Be...
...So, Paris Hilton is going to jail. Couldn't happen to a better person. After all, she broke the law. I'm all for people having to bear the responsibility and consequences of their actions.

Paris decided, despite the fact that her license was suspended for reckless driving (and I think she was at .08 with her blood alcohol level), that she could drive her car. Now, don't get me wrong, but most ordinary people could actually get away with driving with a suspended license - I hear about it all the time. But Paris had to go and get herself stopped twice for traffic violations and decide that she didn't have to sign up for the court mandated alcohol counseling that was set when she got her 36 months of probation and community service.

But Paris is just stupid. The first time she got pulled over she signed a document that acknowledged that she knew she had a suspended license - but she claims that she didn't read it. That's fair, but the proof that she's truly stupid? She got pulled over after dark while speeding with her headlights off. Hey, if she wants to get herself killed it's no skin off my nose, but last time I checked most people think that driving with headlights off, in the dark, while speeding is just plain stupid.

She got a fairly decent sentence the first time in my opinion for the reckless driving/DUI, and all she had to do was drive carefully (if she insisted on driving illegally) and follow the directions she was given. Just keep her debutante nose clean. As DH said when he found out what she originally was cited for, and the subsequent traffic stops, "Don't these people have people to drive them around?".

Exactly. She's part of the Hilton clan... shouldn't she at least have a courtesy shuttle or something that could have taken her from club to club? Then she wouldn't be in the trouble that she is now. This isn't going to be like her infamous sex video "1 Night in Paris" where she can complain that she didn't know she was being filmed, or something - this is going to be 45 days in a Lynwood jail in an orange jumpsuit with no lackeys. But at least she'll get three nutritious meals a day, which is probably 3 more than she's getting currently.

Her mother thinks this is the worst travesty of justice ever. Paris thinks that it's "cruel and unwarranted". Paris and her attorney are planning to appeal the sentence. Something about it not being fair.

Well, let's see. She showed up late for court, she told the judge that she has people to read her mail for her, and she completely believed that it was ok to drive under certain circumstances. The judge was not impressed and told her to report to to jail on June 5.

I'm really tired of these people who think they're entitled to something just because they're on television or in movies... or because they're stalked for their picture while they're shopping at Whole Foods.... or because they breathe the air and inhabit the earth. Come on, people, whatever happened to personal responsibility? Paris said in court that it was her press rep who led her to believe that she didn't have to do certain things in her probation period. That individual no longer works for her.

Somehow I think she's going to try and not show up for it. And the sad part? That's going to make her more popular than ever and she'll get some sympathy because then her sentence will automatically double. Some people love the fact that she's this spoiled little rich girl that seems to be above the masses.

Unfortunately for her, no one is above the law. In order to win her appeal she would have to prove that the judge acted beyond his powers in an abusive manner. I don't think that there's a court in the world that would buy into that one, unless it's the court of Kathy Hilton's opinion. Paris is going to jail and I couldn't be happier for her. She's going to have to be accountable for her actions and face the consequences.

The optimist in me says 'Maybe she'll learn something from this'. The realist in me says 'She's going to try and convince the guards in the facility to be her waitstaff'. And the entrepreneur in me says 'I wonder if I could get a camera and crew in there and film the darn thing for the FOX Network (because if anyone would buy it, they sure would'...

...sad part? Someone has probably already thought of that.