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Wednesday, April 25, 2007
Remaking Movie History...
...Oh yes, the Hollywood money machines are at it again. They're remaking things that really aren't that old. Personally I don't think things should be remade in the first place, but it's not my decision. Just like the sequel machines aren't my decision either and I think some sequels should have been shut down years ago. AirBud, anyone?

But this isn't about sequels, it's about remakes and how the remakes are sometimes packaged as "prequels" in one notable case. And since I've mentioned it, let's start with that.

In case you hadn't heard, the legendary sitcom "Get Smart" is being made into a full length theatrical feature. The premise of the story is how Maxwell Smart got to be an agent, and who trained him. And who did train him? Well, 99 of course. Some of you who are familiar with the classic Buck Henry/Mel Brooks series will be scratching your heads at this one, and rightly so - especially since Henry and Brooks aren't involved with the movie. They've been shut out (but that's another story). 99 is being played by Anne Hathaway, and they're explaining her youthful look by stating that 99 underwent plastic surgery to look younger and go undercover.

This is probably smart (no pun intended) because Max is being portrayed by Steve Carell and they have to explain the age difference. Funny, Don Adams always looked a bit older than Barbara Feldon, so I don't see the need to explain the difference away but I guess someone wanted to feel reassured.

I'd like to feel reassured. I'd like assurance that they're not going to screw up the remake of "Adventures in Babysitting" which introduced the world to Elizabeth Shue, George Newbern (who went on to be the spouse in the 'Father of the Bride' remakes which actually weren't that bad) and Vincent d'Onofrio as the wonderful Thor. It's going to be called "Further Adventures in Babysitting" which lends itself more to sequel idea than remake, but it's being put in the remake category by Hollywood.

The sad part? Raven Symone is the big name attached to it. And Miley Cyrus, which almost ensures that her father, Billy Ray, is going to have a cameo in it somewhere. Sad. And who the heck are they going to get to play Thor? They can't leave out the Thor storyline... or is that where Billy Ray is going to come in? *shudder*

Other things to shudder about - they're going to make a movie about the life and times of Milli Vanilli. No, I'm not joking and it's not a remake, but it's certainly something to shudder about. Since when is their story high drama? Oh yes, it's being done as a drama. Funny, shlock comedy comes to mind when I think of them. Ah, but I digress...

The Hollywood money machine also thinks that it's time for a remake of that classic 80s movie... Fame!

That's right, the school for the performing arts is going to come back to the big screen as a remake. No casting has been announced, as they're keeping that under wraps, but apparently one of the producers of "300" is involved in it. And they're going to keep a "bunch of the original songs", probably to appease the nostalgic folks who will go to see it just to see what they did with it. I just wonder how much they're going to change the storyline. After all, the original dealt with abortion, drug use, homosexuality, and sexual exploitation. Oh, right. With the current spate of movies out there maybe they need to add some torture and murder to make it timely with current movies.

Just wait... I'm just getting started. Tomorrow I'll talk about new movies in development and who is supposed to be in them. Be afraid... very afraid. And no that isn't a clue about anything involving the Aliens franchise or Signorney Weaver.