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Thursday, April 19, 2007
Random Rambles...
...Yes, another one of those columns where the M&Ms are skittering across the expanse of my brain...

If you haven't already, read yesterday's entry because it's the latest in the 'One Black Skein of DMC' trade saga.

There is justice in this world - Sanjaya has finally been kicked off American Idol. I'm not an AI fan - I usually catch just a few minutes at the end when I tune into '24' or 'House', but a 60 second clip of Sanjaya was 55 seconds too much most nights.

Thank goodness the pro-Sanjaya cult that's been keeping him on there finally got outvoted.

So, somewhere in Silly.Com Valley an entire city is trying to ban plastic grocery bags. Soon it won't be "paper or plastic" but instead just paper. I've thought about writing a whole entry about it, but what else is there to say other than "where are people going to get bags for their doggie poo?"

I guess it bears mentioning that all the grocery bags will be labeled "Trader Joe's" or "Whole Foods" if this goes through.

When the construction guys are building an emergency exit about 15 feet from where you are working, and it's cold (because there's a big hole in the wall to the outside world) it's never a good thing when you hear "uh-oh" coming from one of the guys.

A lady in Minnesota decides she wants to embrace the idea of Buddhism where you release your attachment to things. So she decides to sell everything on eBay. She gets about $900, cancels the auction and breaks everything up into smaller lots and says she'll donate the proceeds to a soldier's family.

So then she gets $3000 but eBay cancels the auctions because they don't want charity auctions unless they're in charge of them. So she tries to sell the lot again and ends up again with about $900.

If she's releasing her attachment to things, shouldn't that also include money?

I saw the coverage of the package that the disturbed young man who went on a murder spree earlier this week sent to NBC. It's a good thing that he killed himself when it was over because if he hadn't that package would have been enough to establish pre-meditation of the act, and would have painted a great big target on him and his family.

He probably would have needed to be protected from the people protecting him too. *sigh*

That's all from me today. Have a good one!