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Monday, April 16, 2007
Imus Is An Idiot...
...In case you've been living under a rock for the last week, or maybe the last 20 years, Don Imus was a radio D.J. At one time he was bigger than Howard Stern (the radio guy, not the Anna Nicole Smith companion/lawyer) but that was because Stern wasn't on the airwaves.

Imus paved the way for the shlockjock insult format that became popular with some. CBS realized what they had on their hands, and even NBC got into the act by simulcasting video of Imus' show on MSNBC. Stern left for satellite radio, and Imus was again the king of the commerical airwaves.

And then he opened his mouth and said something truly stupid. It's not that he hasn't said stupid things in the past, it's just that he finally insulted a group of someone's in such a way that outraged everyone. You don't call a group of highly intelligent, social, and athletic women as the Rutgers basketball team a bunch of "nappy headed ho's". No one's going to stand for that.

I applaud CBS for doing something right and firing his ass. I'm sorry that it may ultimately hurt his wife's foundation that he used to do the radio-thon to raise money for. And I'm sorry they didn't fire him a lot sooner than he did because he's pulled racist and discriminatory remarks out of his hat for the last few years.

I remember listening to Imus years ago when he was a little more abrasive and focused on politics and culture. He had a well-spoken, although startling, show. It's too bad that he probably decided he was God since Stern wasn't with CBS anymore and did this. He'll probably never be able to work in radio again, since his mouth is clearly a liability. I'll doubt that satellite radio will touch him either after this.

He's done the right things publicly - he met with the Rutgers team and apologized, he's admitted that he shouldn't have said that, but I don't recall anywhere where he's apologized to the world for what he did. At this point it doesn't really matter.

What I want to see now is where the record companies are going to draw the line now that broadcast media has. No, Imus doesn't have a record deal or previous recordings for sale (that I'm aware of). I want to see the rappers get theirs for calling women "ho's" all this time. They can still pull a rap without getting dirty about it - Will Smith proved it's possible.

Oh sure, now I've got rap fans pissy at me because Will Smith isn't "keepin' it real", right? Same goes for anyone else who doesn't use a plethora of four letter words and insults to cops and women. I don't think the guys sporting bling on MTV and talking about their stables of ho's is "keepin' it real" either.

So when are the media companies going to follow the example CBS set by firing Imus? Sadly, probably never as long as they keep selling records to idiots who are willing to buy them and making money for studios that are willing to release them.