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Monday, April 30, 2007
When The Lights Go Out... this case, it wasn't the power that went out though.

About 8 years ago or so, DH and I were wandering through OSH (Orchard Supply Hardware, in case anyone doesn't know the acronym) and we found some really great torchiere lamps. Glass bowl, florescent, three light settings. Best part? They were true light florescent - no need for an OTT light for me and my stitching.

We bought two, and these lamps served me well until one day almost a year ago when DH brushed past one behind the couch and no one could grab it quickly enough. Thankfully I saw it falling, shouted, and neither of the kids got hurt because that lamp hit the kitchen floor and the glass bowl and the bulbs shattered.

I was dismayed - I loved that lamp. My mistake that day was not starting my search for new floor lamps. Big mistake.

Last night we had A's comforter draped across the kitchen table chairs to finish drying out and there came a point when I needed those chairs (for dinner, specifically). So DH took the comforter and draped it over the couch, and one edge hit the other lamp. And it fell. Thankfully the glass bowl didn't break, but it was clear that the lamp was toast. At 7 p.m. on a Sunday night I now have no light in my living room, except a small can light recessed into the ceiling pointed towards the mantel.

Thank goodness for the clocks being changed and it being lighter later because that clearly would help matters, but what do you do? On a Sunday night? You eat quickly and hope that OSH is still open. We got there with 20 minutes to spare, and found a replacement set of lamps (yes, two!). They aren't exactly the same, as they don't have that gorgeous glass bowl, but they are bright and the base of the lamp is much heavier than the last one. It's going to take some doing to knock those lamps over.

So, there's the story of my weekend - I lost my last wonderful lamp, but I have two more that are heavy and beautiful and bright. No, I don't think they're true-light florescent (like OTT and the last lamps), but I think they're sure good enough based on the frogging I was able to do last night.