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Wednesday, May 09, 2007
Little Bits 'o Things...
...First off, I ask everyone to send up a good thought or prayer or whatever your preference is for a bicyclist that none of you have probably ever met or will ever meet.

He's a friend of DH's (I know him too) and he was in an accident yesterday. I don't know the details other than we can visit him when he gets out of the ICU. He's suffered a head injury, broken ribs and something else I can't remember. DH told me late last night just before I fell asleep and even though it kept me awake for a few extra minutes thinking about it, I still can't remember everything he said.

I really hope it wasn't car vs bicycle, but it's not sounding good.

Remember the friend I was talking about on Monday who is getting laid off? Well, they keep throwing more work at her and she doesn't know when she's going to leave. I told her that if they don't give her an end date soon, then she should call a meeting and either ask for a firm end date or give them one.

On the other side of the coin, she's figured out that with unemployment and disability (because she's pregnant) and the Family Leave Act and the laws in the State of California *and* her severance that she could leave one month before the baby is due, and not have to worry about working again until the baby is about 7 months old.

Sometimes these things have a way of working out...

Speaking of that, when she told me, crying, in the ladies room that she was being laid off I gave her a piece of advice that DH gave me years ago when I was having trouble at another company I worked at (known for making triangular space age looking conference phones):

"Being laid off/fired sometimes is the best thing that can happen to you. It may take a while to realize that, but you will." He spoke from personal experience when he told me that (and there's a story that goes along with it, but I don't recall it all, and it's his story anyway).

Now I know that sounds a little insensitive to say to a crying pregnant woman who has just been told she's being forced out, but just yesterday when she told me that she's worked it out to be off work for about 7 months, she realized it was true.

The point of this? Another friend of mine is at a crossroads at her job, and she thinks they're trying to push her out the door. She called last night and due to my losing the phone in the couch in the front room while putting on my shoes for the gym (and forgetting to go back for it after the gym) I didn't find it until this morning when it beeped at me when I sat down to put on my shoes for work.

Obviously, I have not called her back and she's having a small freak out about her job. So, my dear, I give you the same advice - if they're really pushing you out, maybe leaving (or letting them push you out or paying you to leave) is going to be the best thing that could ever happen to you.

It took me a couple of years to realize that DH's advice was indeed true. Sometimes you just need that little kick in the rear to get going.

I owe a belated (and huge) THANK YOU to someone who knows who she is. One day I came home to a small package on my desk. Wondering what it was, I carefully opened it (because I hadn't ordered anything and didn't recognize the last name) and found a towel.

But not just any towel. A white towel with something stitched on it (the picture is trapped in the camera or on DH's computer, else I would have posted it too).

In big red letters the words "DON'T PANIC" are stitched, with the little green guy and his red tongue sticking out from the cover of "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy". It's priceless, y'all have to see it and I'll share the photo soon.

I know it was stitched because of my comment on The Wagon of "Please do not panic, and keep your towel handy" because of the move from ezboard to Yuku being a little bumpy. I can't imagine a better reminder of the move, and totally love it. SO THANK YOU, you know who you are.

Currently the towel is hanging up in my office above my monitor, and apparently has attracted some attention from people walking by who happen to notice it and mutter "DON'T PANIC" to themselves before continuing on or resuming the conversation that they were having before becoming distracted.

It's the place where I'm most likely to panic, so I found it fitting to hang it up there with some of the other stitched dragons that watch over my office.


That's it for today, other than the fact that I'm hungry and sore. I ate half a salad for dinner last night and ran a full 1/2 mile on the treadmill before I couldn't take it anymore and my legs (right above the knee) are sore.

Have a great day!