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Monday, November 20, 2006
Random Ramblings...

...yes, more singular thoughts from my strange wondering brain...

Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

Procol Harum band members are in court fighting over royalties to "Whiter Shade of Pale" - apparently the authorship of the song is at question. The two authors of record claim the song was written before the third band member (who is suing) joined the band.

What bugs me about this - why did the guy wait 4 decades before pursuing this? Hello?

Can we say 'frivolous lawsuit'? Yes, I thought you could.

Anyone want to explain to me why, seemingly all of a sudden, there's a new interest in my resume from companies in the Sandy, Utah area of the world when I've specifically said "no relocation" on my very-much-in-California resume? And it's *only* that area of Utah that I'm getting these mails from - no other out of state situation is sending me spam like this.

And every last one is manual labor - machine operator, receiving, or janitorial. Is someone trying to tell me something?

Because I honestly *KNOW* that I'm worth more than $11 an hour - that's the upper end of the wage scale that they're quoting. Which means this is either spiteful spam from someone, or these folks are truly clueless and weren't paying attention when I listed my minimum salary requirements...

Apparently Sacha Baron Cohen is stupider than I give him credit for. After appearing on Saturday Night Love with host Hugh Laurie (why did I stop recording SNL... I would have loved to see that episode), the two men headed for a bar for post-show drinks. Cohen was still in his Borat garb and approached a man and supposedly complimented his clothes, asked him for them, and said "I want have sex with it". Not sure if that meant that he wanted to have sex with the clothes or wear the clothes while having sex.

No matter, the guy punched Cohen in the face and proceeded to start a beat-down on him. Now, I don't advocate beating people in the streets, but I think I'd probably do the same thing if this moron came up to me and said something like this.

Like I said previously, Borat is the worst sort of viral character. And yet, the movie is raking in the money... That's just sad.

Some Japanese company has developed a gadget that will allow you to scratch a DVD or CD so thoroughly in 5 seconds that it's endered unreadable. This is good if you store sensitive information on DVDs/CDs (using them as backups for your computer and the like). This handy little thing will run you about $26.

A box cutter will cost you under $5 at Home Depot and you can do the same thing while taking out your aggressions on the poor little disc.

Remember when I was chatting about For Dummies books a while back? And I'd made mention in a followup post about a movie coming?

Well, I can't tell you about the movie because there's been no press about it since that original post came out. But I can tell you that the For Dummies books are coming to the little screen. And the producers are thinking that they'll shove Dummies down our throats - game shows, reality, scripted... with 1000 titles in the genre, why not?

Think I'm kidding? Read This.

That's all for today... Tomorrow perhaps I'll wax rhapsodic on the new James Bond movie... and the new James Bond.