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Tuesday, November 14, 2006
Once Upon A Mattress

...I've got a new mattress.

It's lovely. It's not too firm, or too soft, and it's higher up than my old mattress. I can sit on the edge and my feet dangle instead of settling straight down on the floor. I've slept on it a total of 3 nights so far.

I'm not sure that I like it. I think DH might like the new mattress - all I know is that the first night he was trying to snore the windows out of the house (he doesn't usually snore to the point where I can't sleep, but this is becoming a more frequent occurrence) I know that I finally like my new pillow. We got a couple of those memory foam pillows and after beating it into submission for a couple of nights, I've figured out how to sleep on it. And it's lovely. DH has figured out how to sleep on his too - he went back to his old pillow, that's how. He admitted that this morning.

Now, let's get back to the business of the mattress. I'm supposed to sleep on it for 15 nights before I can consider returning it. That way my body forgets the old mattress and I will be fully used to this mattress. That's smart thinking, but how long will it be until I mentally forget the old mattress? That's going to be a bit harder since it's going to fill a spare room as a guest bed and occasional place to sleep when either of us don't feel well. Or when it's about 1000 degrees outside at 10pm and we can't sleep in our bedroom.

Still, it's a new mattress and it's bigger than before - we stepped up to a Queen size. You know what that means, right? Buying new sheets. I like buying new sheets because that generally means that I get to buy new comforters to go with the new sheets. Not anymore. I'm ruined for buying sheets.

Y'all are going to think that this is so very weak of me.

I went into Bed, Bath & Beyond this weekend all by myself. This is a dangerous proposition because who knows what I'd come home with. Especially since I want some of those bamboo cutting boards. Anyway, I went to BB&B and checked out sheets. And then I walked across the parking lot to Kohl's and checked out what they had and went back to BB&B. I found lots of lovely sets of sheets and "bed in a bag" sorts of combinations. I could have easily taken 2 or 3 of them home with me, but I didn't.

The problem? I could hear DH's voice in my head telling me what patterns he didn't like. And the ones that I didn't hear his voice on, *I* didn't like. Isn't that sad? I can't buy pretty sheets anymore - at least not by myself. And there was this really lovely purple comforter set that I would have loved to have. But I could hear DH saying "that belongs in grandma's bedroom" in my head. *sigh*

So what did I walk out of BB&B with? A simple cream colored set of jersey knit sheets (because they're better than flannel for the fall/spring seasons in my opinion). Cream. Boring cream. Because I knew that those wouldn't offend and I was hoping like heck that my other comforters were wide enough to cover the bed because I used to buy queen size to cover our full size bed. Thankfully the one we had on the old bed fits perfectly because I don't know what I would have done. Except cry.

So... there you have it. I have a brand new mattress (a SpringAir Saxon) and it is much better than the mattress I used to have. Which doesn't say a lot, and speaks volumes at the same time. I had a 13 year old Sealy mattress before, and it was sad. It's not bad for a night or two, but you don't want to spend a lot of time sleeping in that bed, when you compare it to my new bed. Hey! I think I *do* like my new mattress.... if I could just get DH to stop snoring.