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Thursday, November 09, 2006
Alphabet Soup...

...I stepped into this one voluntarily, and maybe you should to:

Comment to this message and I will assign you a letter of the alphabet. Then go to your journal and post a list of 10 words that begin with this letter and what they mean to you.

My letter, assigned by someone running a dog and pony show, is J. I couldn't have gotten a harder letter if I asked for one. Then again, she could have given me Q or X...

1. Job (I need a new one)
2. Jason (as in Scheff, one of the leads of Chicago, my favorite band)
3. Journal (as in this blog - I really value it)
4. Jumpy (I really can be very jumpy in some situations)
5. Jealous (of all the people that have been able to get new jobs very quickly, and here I am, in the 5th month of my search, and still stuck here)
6. Junk (I have a lot of it to get rid of)
7. Juvenile (my children are - in age and usually action)
8. Jerk (I've worked for some significant ones and I learned a *LOT* about people and business interaction working for them... and how not to manage people)
9. Justice (a rather expensive clothing store just for girls that my daughters seem to adore)
10. Jokes (I love telling them and listening to them)

Well, that's it from me today. Step right up and get your letter.