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Monday, August 14, 2006
Random Rambles...'s time for another one of my Random Rambles. This one's short - my mind really hasn't been wandering anywhere interesting for awhile.

Seen recently in Reader's Digest: People who turn to a vegetarian diet are less likely to gain weight...

Um. Duh?

I think I've figured out why little girls and horses go together - girls are after the natural grace and beauty of a horse...

There's no such thing as something for nothing. Ask anyone who has ever helped someone sell something and tried to make some money on the deal for themselves.

Why is it when you're supposed to train someone and they don't show up, your boss doesn't bother to tell you that they're a no call/no show and you have to hunt down that information yourself?


So, you want something so badly you can taste it. Yet it never ever comes when you need it the most. It's kind of the same as the 'you can't find it until you don't need it' principle.

That's all for today. I told you it was short.

Ok, I lied... I've got one more. The things people worry about.... oi.

I just overheard someone mention "because it has to be said" that she would "really appreciate it if a terrorist in *ANOTHER COUNTRY* could maybe not try something" so that she's not inconvenienced and left without lip gloss on a trip.

The admin who sits next to be chuckled quietly after I said (equally quietly) "The things people worry about". Honestly. A group of someones was practicing (if not actually attempting, as that's not clear) how to detonate materials in flight, and the various flight agencies around the world reacts to this, appropriately I might add, and you're worried about how your freakin' lips look? She could have thrown it in her bag, checked the bag, and just dealt with the inconvenience of baggage claim instead of the inconvenience of having naked lips.

I wonder what kind of federal case she would bring to the table if something truly *important* couldn't be brought on a flight. Of course, I'm not sure what would be classified as important in her mind if lip gloss was enough of a trouble...

Ok, that's it this time.