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Tuesday, July 11, 2006
The Cosmic Nickel...

...Once upon a time, a nickel was given to me to give to someone else so that they could buy a clue. And I've always held that a nickel is a handy thing to have when someone truly needs a clue.

I made a decision about my employment and was working away at a few things, and got up to go see someone. When I took two steps out of my office I saw a nickel on the floor, placed dead center in the corridor. It wasn't there before when I'd walked by, and no one else had been by since I'd last sat down.

Cue spooky music. Cosmic nickel, DH and I agreed.

Yesterday morning, after posting that last blog entry I was working away and put a CD into my hard drive which contained some purchasing files (left to me by the purchasing guy who left the company). To do this I have to look down, because my tower is on the floor next to my right leg. I put the CD in, I wait for it to spin up, check a couple of files, and then pull put the CD. That's when I notice a bright and shiny nickel there on the floor, placed perfectly at the corner of my tower.

It wasn't there a few minutes earlier, and I didn't drop any change. So here I have another bright and shiny nickel sitting with the first bright and shiny nickel. Where the heck did it come from? No idea.

My quandry is this: WHY is the universe suddenly giving me nickels? Why do I need a clue when I've made a decision that I'm happy with and that will be better for me in the long run (or so I think)?