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Wednesday, June 14, 2006
Just a Quick Little Message...

...I'm here, I'm still alive, I've just not had very much time to blog but I have lots of things I want to talk about and a Random Rambles won't do them justice.

But I did want to drop in to tell y'all that I'm still alive, and to impart a short message to someone (or many someone's, if that's the case):

Someone I know is receiving hate mail. No, I'm not going to name names, or point at blog locations, or give any clues as to who it is. The receipient of the mail reads my blog, and I'm sure she'll see this (and my apologies to you, my dear, if you feel you're put on the spot, but I've kept your identity secret and will continue to do so). I'm fairly certain, without knowing the content of the mail or where it came from that whoever is sending the hate mail reads my blog too because that's how small the stitching community really is, no matter how big it claims to be.

So this is a Very. Special. Message. to the hate mailer.

SHUT THE F&*# UP and Knock. It. Off.

Yeah, yeah, I know they won't listen to me and are probably laughing thier asses off that they got to me as well as thier "victim", but I have a little more to say...

Whatever gives you the right to harass perfectly nice people just because you're sure that you can get away with it? You must be a sorry sack of MooPoo to think that sending a mail to someone to make them feel bad is a good way to spend a few minutes time. In my opinion, whatever that matters, your soul is probably all shriveled up and isn't worth saving and you've been written off to stay in purgatory for the rest of your years. On Earth and Beyond.

The idea of that makes me smile in glee. Nasty people should get what they deserve, and I'm sure you are sitting there all high and mighty that you're giving someone exactly what they deserve in your sad and sick little world. Who the heck made you a god?

Oh yeah, *YOU* made yourself a god. What. Ever.

Yes folks, I know I shouldn't let this get to me, especially when I'm not receiving any hate mail (and I like it that way, thank you very much) but I'm steamed. And I'm tired of hearing about people still receiving mail after all these years. People will send something to someone to try and make them go away, or to make them feel bad for feeling happy about something, or to just get thier own little thrill about doing something naughty like that. And it's just wrong. I know it's not right to judge another individual either, but clearly this is an individual that's worthy to be judged by the crap that lives on pond scum's shoes.

Something to think about Oh Not-So-Great Hate Mailer... one of these days you won't be able to get away with it, or someone's going to say something about it, and then an awful lot of people are going to find out who you are. Word will spread, I know people will tell me about it. And I have a big loud mouth. And a very well read blog...

...and I hate hate mailers. Oh, and if you want to send me hate mail, go right ahead and risk it because you just never know what I might do with the email headers, the username, the timestamps, the IP addresses, the geolocation and whatever other lovely piece of information I can get from it. Or who I might share it with.

Thanks to DH for coining the phrase MooPoo because it's my favorite now.