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Wednesday, September 28, 2005
Movies, movies, movies..., I'm not going to talk about work. I’m a little behind on my movie musing, so I’ll give you two at the same time…

Here’s last week’s question:
**Making it big**

"Did you guys ever *watch* the show?"
~~Galaxy Quest
Remaking old TV series into movies is all the rage right now. What is the best small-to-big screen adaptation you have seen? What is the worst? Is there one that you liked, even if it didn't follow the original series at all? What TV show deserves the "big screen" treatment? Who would you cast? (We'll cover television shows based on movies another time.)

Oh, boy, I loved Galaxy Quest because it made fun of all the usual clichés that you get in porting a television series to the big screen movie theatre experience. So often the little details that were left out of a show and easily overlooked are glaringly obvious in the movies, because those seemingly little things need to be explained or left out. Likewise, movies might not make it because they won’t have the following that the series did. That’s what I’m afraid of with 'Serenity' – the Firefly movie. If people aren’t familiar with the series, they might not follow the movie so well.

Some things should be better left alone – like the Dukes of Hazzard movie. Haven’t seen it yet, don’t want to. But from what I’ve heard, it’s something that should probably have been best left alone.

Best remake? I’d have to say that the Star Trek movies made a really great move from television show to big screen story. As did Batman, but that was making the comic book to television to big screen transition. Granted, the last couple of Batman movies (excluding 'Batman Begins' as that's more a direct from the comic book transition) were as campy as the television series, I really liked the first one with Michael Keaton. It worked for me.

As for things that need a big screen treatment? FarScape. Absolutely and completely that show needs to become a movie. Somehow.

And now for this week’s question:

**No capes!**

"What would you prefer? Yellow spandex?"
Have you ever dressed up as a movie character? Who was it, and what was the occasion (costume party, Halloween, etc)? Have you ever dressed up as a character to go see a movie starring that character (Star Wars, Harry Potter, LOTR, etc)? Have you ever attended a convention dressed as a movie character?

I’ve never dressed up as a movie character to my knowledge – I have dressed as something *inspired* by a movie’s look, such as dressing for a midnight showing of 'Rocky Horror Picture Show’ in Berkeley when I was in college. I think that’s the only time I really cut loose enough to actually dress up as something related to a movie for a movie. I sort of came close, now that I think about it, when I dressed up in a cape one Halloween, and someone asked if I was supposed to be Harry Potter (my glasses frames are very similar to the movie Harry’s – and that was unintentional). I’ve never attended a con, so that answers that question, but I think I’d like to attend one someday. Maybe. But I doubt I’d dress up for it.

So that's it for this week's Musings on Movies... have a great day everyone!