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Wednesday, June 15, 2005
So, they let Michael Jackson go free..., perhaps, to do something bizarre again? Or something less than moral and less than legal? Or is he innocent? As someone very wise once said to me - just because they found him 'not guilty' doesn't mean he's innocent. I'm all over that statement since I heard the verdict.

All manners of press have come out since the verdict was read Monday afternoon, but none of it from Jackson directly. His lawyer has been making statements, because FreakBoy is apparently too exhausted, too fragile. Methinks he's pulling a diva routine, ala Diana Ross or Elizabeth Taylor.

Oh wait! FreakBoy would be able to do that, considering those are among his "closest" friends.

FreakBoy is the special name I've given Michael Jackson, and he shall be known as this, MJ or the appropriate WackoJacko through the rest of this article

We've been assaulted in the press with all the news and testimony about FreakBoy and his various illnesses, hospital visits, the evil pictures of him looking gaunt and deathlike and the testimony surrounding this debacle for almost two years now. Now it's time to move on to something more interesting. FreakBoy apparently needs time to rest and recover. That or he needs a Grim Reaper costume and a "re-invention" as a horror movie actor.

Personally, I'd prefer to let him rest and recover. Far Far Away from the spotlight. For a really long time. And I'd completely believe that he's going to rest except that I've heard rumor that he wants to perform at Live8 in Philadelphia on July 2 (this was mentioned on Virgin Radio streaming out of the UK yesterday afternoon). Somehow 3 weeks doesn't seem like enough rest, and I hope Saint Bob Geldof doesn't let him perform. Of course, the way I heard it, FreakBoy approached Geldof and not the other way around. Sorry, MJ, doesn't work that way. Saint Bob lets *you* know that he wants you, not the other way around.

FreakBoy's lawyer has said that he's going to adjust his lifestyle and isn't going to let children or their families sleep in the same room as he does anymore because it opens the door to false accusations, such as this one. Uh huh. Let's see... last time we checked, *families* weren't allowed into the room, just children. Specifically, male children. And this is the second time that FreakBoy has faced this accusation.

Anyone taking bets on a third time around on this merry-go-round? Ok, don't throw things at me because I don't think that I could handle another trial like this one either. It's too bad that the family wasn't more credible. It could seriously be a real charge, and the whole thing got thrown out based on the sins of this family's past. Tsk. Of course, there are 4 jurors who've expressed that they think he's molested boys, just not this one this time. So it's not that this wasn't the right verdict for this case, but that WackoJacko could be guilty of *other* transgressions in the past.

Again, not guilty doesn't mean innocent.

Of course, now that WackoJacko is free to dangle small children over railings now he can rebuild his career (once he recovers from this horrid ordeal, naturally). That will be interesting to watch, if not sickening, considering how gaunt and freakish he looks and the fact that his public image has been badly tarnished as an adult mag reading, porn watching, head licking, "Jesus juice" consuming freak.

Think about it people, we're talking about a guy who used to come off as being as harmless as PeeWee Herman, and look where he ended up (last we heard, living in oblivion and fighting possession of child porn charges 10 years after being arrested for indecent exposure due to "playing with his private parts" at an X-rated movie theatre).

Yes, to those who are wondering - I don't like MJ. Anymore. I'll give you this - I used to like him. Good singer, good dancer. Then something just happened. I figure some of the wiring in his brain went south when his hair lit afire in that Pepsi commercial. Think about it - that was the first unusual incident that FreakBoy had in the press, and then all sorts of things started leaking out one by one after that...

...Neverland... Bubbles the Chimp... the oxygen chamber rumors... the skin increasingly going whiter... the obvious plastic surgery... Heck, he was so quiet 5 years ago that I almost bought a copy of "Thriller" but then we heard about him having children, enjoying sleeping with children in his bed (who weren't his own children), and the molestation thing reared its head again... maybe the public should sue Pepsi for inflicting us with emotional and media damage from having to put up with Wacko Jacko because this isn't the last we've seen of him. He's going to have to rehabilitate his image. He's going to have to rebuild his music career (and his empire). He's going to have to visit Neverland and see all those little boys running around playing. I suspect this isn't the last time he's going to face molestation charges...

...and maybe next time, the third time, will be the charm.