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Monday, June 13, 2005
You got game?

...I do. Well, not in the way the slang indicates. This week's Sunday Brunch is all about games, and this time I decided I needed the help of A & B. So, welcome to A & B who are helping out with the answers today.

'Computer games don't affect kids, I mean if Pac Man affected us as kids, we'd all be running around in darkened rooms, munching pills and listening to repetitive music.' -Marcus Brigstocke

1) What is your favorite board game?

A claims that her favorite board game is 1313 Dead End Drive. She's been playing that since kindergarten, and we pull it out from time to time to play it together with B. B loves the game Clue. As do I. But I think my favorite board game has to be RoboRally.

That's right, we're not the standard Monopoly or Scrabble house, although those are long favorites as well, especially when I was growing up. If I couldn't play outside, I could at least sucker my parents into playing Monopoly or Scrabble under the auspice that it was somewhat educational. After all, Scrabble involved the need to be able to spell and define words (in my house it did) and Monopoly involved math, strategy and negotiation. Handy skills for a business major to be.

2) What type of games are your favorite? (ie, board, card, participatory, dice, word games)

I've always rather favored card or dice games, and it seems that my daughters have taken after me in that vein. A loves card games, like rummy and blackjack, while B loves to play things like Liar's Dice.

Yes, we've taught the children liar's dice. A learned blackjack at school. Yes, I know I pay for that semi-private school and she learns things like that. Interesting to note - she can beat me most times at blackjack and I used to be really good at it. So either my judgement has gone down the tubes or she's just really good at it.

My bet's on she's just really good at it.

3) How many games do you own, and if possible, list them.

LOTS. We are definitely a game-enabled household. We've got Uno and Boggle and all those previously mentioned, along with Jenga and Mancala. Those are in the living room piled up next to my desk.

In DH's office we have the thinking games - the Disney Monopoly set is kept there along with things like 1830, Enemy in Sight, Robo Rally, Empire Builder, and lots of other Avalon Hill games from the past. We've also got all the Catan games (Settlers, Seafarers, Starfarers, etc) I could list all of our games, but really, this blog would go on for...well, PAGES...

It's no surprise, I should remind you, that DH gets together with friends once a month for a strategy game night and while those are nights that me and the girls are happy to eat junk food and watch movies, we usually fit a game into the night ourselves.

4) Do you enjoy computer or video games? Which one is your favorite?

Personally, sadly, I think I have to prefer computer games over video games simply from a comfort point of view. I get motion sick when I pay video games for more than an hour. Even with a soda, or something to snack on to hold off the dizzy.

But it still doesn't keep me from spending some time blowing things up once in a while with Ratchet and Clank or questing along in Kingdom Hearts.

Bother A & B say they enjoy both mediums for gaming, and both list the same games - Sims2 and Ratchet & Clank (any of the games with those two)

5) Describe a great childhood memory of an outside game.

I don't have any great childhood memories of outside games since I didn't really play any when I wasn't in school, or after school in the afternoon. I don't count playground games in the list of games played outside, and I don't have any really great memories of those anyway.

Since A & B are both still small, they don't have any great memory, but they wanted to share what their favorite outside games are. B loves Hide & Seek (she loves playing it inside too), and A loves Hide and Seek Tag. A says that's where someone hides, and there's a base, and you have to tag them once you find them before they make it to base, and then they're it.

So, that's about the long and short of it - more like the long - of what we have in terms of games. And that doesn't even touch what A and B make up on their own.... I probably should have had DH help out too - so, I apologize to DH for not asking him too, but I suspect that he's a board gamer through and through, and I can't even begin to imagine what his favorite game is.