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Friday, December 17, 2004
It's Friday...

...And that means it's time for the Friday Forum. This week there are two sets of questions, but I don't think I'll answer the first set.

For those interested, the first set is about one's sex life, and honestly, there are some things that are sacred and should not be blogged. That said, in reference to the first question - I was two weeks away from turning 18, he isn't in my life anymore, and I'm very thankful for that since he's a little bit psycho.

Now... let's go on to the tame questions:

1] Where was the last place that you traveled? [We're talking big trips here, not just regular, everyday outings.] How did you get there? How long were you gone? Did you have fun, and did the voyage go smoothly?

The last big trip we took was the road trip to Vegas back in August. We packed up the car, the kids, the GameBoys, and a couple of books and took off. We were gone the better part of a week with the first part being Vegas and the second part being Disneyland. We had a great time, I blogged about it, and the voyage was very smooth.

2] When traveling, what snacks/entertainment items do you usually like to take with you? [For example, bottled water, crossword puzzle books, laptops, CD players, etc.]

I always like making sure I have a good book with me for any journey. That and a pad of paper and pencil - you just never know what thoughts are going to intrude upon you while you're traveling or if you need to write something important down. For the Vegas trip we had the aforementioned GameBoys, a case full of CDs, books, bottled water... and I had my stitching.

3] If you could take a road trip to anywhere, where would you choose and why? What would be your ideal road trip vehicle? Would you plan the trip carefully or just hop in the car and go?

Road Trip? Anywhere? Oh boy. There are so many places to go. Portland, Vancouver, Toronto, Denver, Salt Lake, Vegas, Anaheim, Phoenix, Boston, NY... some of those would be long trips, of course, and maybe not entirely intelligent via car. So far we've used our Subaru Outback for the road trips, and it's served us well, as well as been very comfy for the drive.

4] Did you ever play any travel games when you were a kid, such as "the license plate game" or "20 questions"? If you have children now, how do you keep them from getting bored/antsy during long trips?

My parents didn't take road trips when I was a kid. We never had a family vacation after I was barely three, and that was Disneyland and I don't remember any of it. I have kids now, and we play an alphabet game where we need to spot the entire alphabet in order along the road, and we've watched for motorcycles. They like to read and play the GameBoys too.

5] Where is the farthest place that you've ever traveled? Which state would you most like to visit? Which country? Which continent? What is your preferred mode of transportation?

Farthest place? How about the other side of the world? Well... the southern hemisphere. Fiji is the farthest that I've ever gone, and that was my first international flight too.

The state of confusion is the one that I most like to visit - oh wait, I visit that regularly. OH, they meant a real state. Hrm. There are so many places in the USA that I've not been, that I really couldn't pick one. The same goes for country and continent, although I *would* really like to visit Canada and New Zealand someday. While they're not at the top of the list, they are the ones that sprang to mind the fastest.

As for preferred mode of transportation, as much as I get nervous about flying I think it's one of the best ways to get places. And sometimes it's the only way to get there...

Have a wonderful weekend, and gloriously safe travels if you're traveling for the holidays.