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Monday, December 06, 2004
The Monday Memes....

...I'm going to be quick about it today...

Frist, the Sunday Brunch: "'Riches cover a multitude of woes.' -Menander

1) Which stone is your birthstone? Do you like it?

My birthstone is the Ruby, and I can't stand it - it's usually too light, or too pink. I like a full deep red - that's why I usually go for garnets over rubies.

2) Do you prefer silver or gold?

Silver. Platinum, really, but I don't have anything platinum.

3) Name the jewelry that you wear whenever you leave the house.

That would be my wedding band, and a diamond heart that DH gave me. They're usually the only pieces that I wear.

4) What is your most precious and valuable item of jewelry?

See above question.

5) Do you carry insurance on any of your jewelry and if not, why not?

I think it's covered in the general house insurance. I really don't know.

...and the Stitcher's Question of the Week (which is another of my suggestions):

What has been your most interesting stitching related injury?

I guess that would be the time that I was stitching a little too fast and furious and couldn't pull my needle out of the stitching to find that my finger was caught.

Caught, how? Well, I'd run the needle through the skin and out the other side of my middle finger. That was interesting when I saw it. Didn't quite hurt - until I pulled the needle out.

That's it for today...