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Wednesday, December 08, 2004
I feel so old...

...and I'm only 33. Sad, isn't it?

Here's why:
My youngest child is in second grade. Already. And she'll be in third grade next year - I know this because I just filled out her paperwork for enrollment.

I've been at my company almost as long as it's been around, yet some folks are just joining up, and marvel at my longevity with the company. It feels like forever since I worked anywhere else. Heck, some subscribers that are considered early adopters that I happen to know are surprised that I've been with the company longer than they've known its existed.

My 15 year high school reunion should have been this year. No one planned one - or I wasn't informed about it. Either way, I'm not sure I would have gone, but if there was one, I'm sure age-old rumors are floating around about me - that was the nature of our catty graduating class. Yes, including the guys.

I just found out that someone who graduated with me in high school now has a daughter going to that same high school. And she's going to graduate in the class of 2006. 2006??? That's the next school year. And the classmate is the same age as me. That one's the real shocker.

My puppy is 11 years old, and starting to get a little lighter in the fur color and a little slower in the running and jumping after the ball.

I actually worried about my cholesterol in the last couple of months. (It's fine, by the way.)

DH told me that I'm not old, and that I need to put the granny things away. For a moment I thought that was a poke at my stitching, and I replied that I don't have any granny things. He thought that was a good thing and that I shouldn't feel old because I'm young.

So I had to give that some thought, and I think he's right. Because there are lots of things that make me feel young.

I'm 33 and have been a millionare a couple times over on paper. Note that I say paper - I've won and lost fortunes on paper and still have the opportunity to do it again a few more times before I can consider retiring (assuming they've not run the Social Security program bankrupt by then).

My kids are only 9 and 7, and full of energy and it's contagious sometimes.

DH says I'm young. That stands for a lot.

I can still exercise and don't have to take any pills daily (except a vitamin that I take by choice).

I look in the mirror and still see a pretty young looking face contemplating me in return. Well, it's young-looking when I'm not dead tired or feeling ill.

I'm only 33 with a lot of life ahead of me...

...and that makes me feel really great because you're only as young as you feel.