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Friday, October 08, 2004
It's Friday...

... but I still don't see the Wednesday Matinee being up yet. *sigh* So I suppose it's just the Friday Forum today.

1] Seeing: What's the most beautiful piece of artwork that you've ever seen in person? Where was it, and when? Why does it stand out in your mind?

Oh. Well, I can't even think of what that could begin to be. Does a sunset in Fiji crafted by the powers that be count? It certainly was breathtaking...

2] Hearing: How would you describe the sound of your voice? When it's played back for you, do you like the sound of it? Do you feel that your voice is similar to anyone else's?

I think my voice is high and whiny and a touch bit nasal and sometimes sounds like a little kid voice. I hate hearing it played back for me, unless it's my singing voice, which isn't half that bad, but it's still not of great quality. How the heck did I ever make any money singing years ago...

3] Tasting: Are there any foods or beverages that most people seem to like, but you just don't seem to have a taste for?

I know a lot of people who love iced tea or Dr. Pepper. I can't understand that one - I can't stand either of them.

4] Touching: Would you consider yourself a "touchy-feely"
person, or do you prefer staying within your own personal "zone"
most of the time? Do you often give/receive hugs, offer
handshakes, or greet others with a kiss on the cheek?

I'm a very huggy person. I only keep my "zone" around co-workers... that's when handshakes and high-fives come in (when the occasion calls for it). As for kissing others on the cheek - that's reserved for DH... and for A & B when they're sleeping in their beds.

5] Smelling: Do you wear perfume/cologne? What kind? Do you have a particular favorite? What fragrances do you tend to prefer?

No, I don't wear a perfume - they tend to annoy me more than anything else. And I hate it when people overwear perfumes or colognes. That said, I used to love one called 'California' - it wasn't too flowerly, or too overbearing.

Sorry this seems sort of impersonal, but that's all I have to say today - I'm not really in a blogging mood. Have a good weekend!