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Friday, January 18, 2008
Little Random Bits o Stuff....and an answer...
...I was listening to the radio the other day and heard the promo for Mad Money. Katie Holmes says "I don't like being smart".

No kidding. Being smart would require you to think.

I'm so tired of the PG&E commercials with Gary Fernstrom who is talking about standby mode with our appliances. He suggests that in order to avoid standby mode we plug everything into a power strip and when we're not using those things, turn off the power strip.

Right. So people are going to hear this, and take his advice. And then they're going to complain when they have to reset the time on the VCR, and reset the timers on the DVR, and reset the radio stations on the 10 year old radio they have in their office.

I wonder how many people in my area laugh at that commercial.

So, someone asked in the comments why I use A & B to refer to my daughters. Is it a way of keeping them in order, or the initials of their names?

For those who are close to me and know me well, you know the answer to that question (and I ask that you don't answer it in comments or to others who casually ask... of course you know that already). For those who don't know and are reading this blog: I use it because I use it. I know which one is A, and I know which one is B. I protect the privacy of my family which is why you probably don't know DH's first name, and you have probably forgotten mine, which is why people call me Whiz instead of my given name.

Of course I prefer that you call me that here, since the blog is out here for the world to see. Any *anyone* can wander upon it. Which is why I protect my family.

Think about it. Unless you're close to me and without looking at any holiday card lists, do you know what town I live in? Do you know my last name? What school my kids go to?

Exactly. So you can see, I'm not going to answer that question.

That's all for now... It's Friday, let's call it a day.