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Friday, May 18, 2007
It's Friday!
...I was going to steal a meme from Thermalgal but it's all about knitting, and I'd have to put everything in italics because I don't know how to knit yet. But for those who do, you might want to wander over there and check it out.

I'm still trying to recover from yesterday's pain with the laptop. It almost didn't want to start up this morning. Actually, it did something really unusual. It started up, and when I came back with my tea the screen was black (I dock it when I'm in the office). So I moved my mouse around: nothing. Banged on my keyboard: nothing.

So I undocked it. That's when I got the screen to wake up and say Hey, you need to log on. I put in my password, and it takes and the screen goes black again. So... I undock and the laptop is fully booted up. Ready to go.


And I put it on standby, and it's just fine now. I'm totally going to start plugging in memory sticks and offloading stuff or putting it on the home drive we have on the network because this one scares me.

So, that's where I am today. I didn't have a chance to write up anything interesting although I have some things I do want to talk about, so you'll just have to wait until next week, or go back and read other things I wrote this week.