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Wednesday, March 21, 2007
Random Rambles...
...It's time once again for those things that casually stroll past my consciousness but keep moving so that they don't get arrested for loitering...

After all these years it look listening to it on my iPod to realize that Tom Petty sounds like he's got a cold while recording "American Girl"

Overheard in my car as I'm driving home after the girls' baseball practice:

Me: "ow. ow. OW. I'm so sore. I'm going to die."
B: "No, Mommy. It'll be ok."
Me: "No, between the gym and baseball, I feel like I'm going to die. From the pain. I'm dying."
B: "Mommy, you can't die. I don't know how to drive!"

Apparently while under the influence of things like Lunesta, or Rozarem, or other "sleep aids" you could possibly make phone calls, cook dinner, or even drive to work while half asleep.

What's the big deal? I do that all the time, and so do millions of other people and we're not under the influence of sleepytime drugs. I think we should take it as an indication that the drugs are *working*.

No, I'm not trying to make light of a serious situation, and yes, I was joking. Make sense?

Today is the first day of Spring, and March is supposed to come in like a lion and go out like a lamb.

Yesterday, and this morning on the way into the office, it was pouring torrents for the first time this month. The rest of the month has had temperatures in the high 60s to mid 70s.

Yeah. March. Spring. Riiight.

That's it from me today...